Jan. 1st, 2011

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I had a dream that I was in Paris and ran unexpectedly into my old friend and guardian angel Magpie. And he looked a little the worse for the few years since I've seen him and it took ages to jolt his memory until he actually remembered who I was. It was like meeting a brand new friend for the first time, only you already know that you get on really well with him. And he'd moved across the country to a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere - which happens to be about six miles away from where I live and we made arrangements for me to go and see him every week on my way to Brownies.

And yes, it was only a dream but I think a dream which involves me reuniting with Magpie is a lovely start to a year that's going to be better than last year.
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Sister says this evening that she's thinking of using her last couple of days's holiday to go to London with her boyfriend, see a show and then stay there for the weekend. This reminds me that I want to see Priscilla and We Will Rock You and I haven't got around to it.

Why has no one ever told me how ridiculously expensive theatre tickets are?! The most I've ever spent on a comedy ticket was £40 and that was full length Rich Hall + full length Ed Byrne + a double-act encore, which is £20 each which is more or less exactly right. Nearly £70 for one ticket? That's ludicrous! My seeing of those two shows will remain on hold indefinitely, I think.


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