Jan. 3rd, 2011

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A couple more resolutions to add to the others:
  • Brush my teeth morning and night (night is the one I fail at)
    • So far so good. Yes, it's only the 3rd but for two days I have brushed my teeth twice a day. I hear it takes three weeks to make something a habit so if I keep it up until the end of January I should start doing it automatically.
  • I have read two books so far this year. That's effectively a book a day. I won't be able to keep it up but it's a positive start. Technically it was two books in one day, I read them both yesterday but averaging that out... And yes, they were the first two Harry Potters, which are fairly quick and easy. This isn't adding a resolution. This one was already there.
  • Wear earrings more regularly. I put some in yesterday and had to break a certain amount of skin to get them through.
  • Don't try to contact friends. This may seem like an anti-resolution, because resolutions are supposed to positive and cheery and are generally skewed more towards "be more sociable" than "be less sociable". But I find it's less heartbreaking to be ignored than be rejected and being less heartbroken seems to be a positive thing.
  • Buy a good pen for drawing on laminated maps. Something that can be removed but not just wiped off by an accidental brush of the finger. This is a sub-resolution of my "organise the New Zealand trip" resolution.
  • Buy a carton of orange juice and have at least one cup a day at work.
  • Never use bullet points again, they're unwieldy and I hate them.


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