Jan. 11th, 2011

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I'm not sure I've mentioned the sage of the Lakeland parcel here....

I ordered a couple of things back in November. I got an email to say it was dispatched November 29th.

A week or two later, we had a phone call from the courier. He couldn't find my office, which was the delivery address. Could it be changed to the home address? Yes, I said, that would be ok. But I had to phone Lakeland to do that so they could change the address with the courier. We did this.

The week before Christmas... nothing.

Phoned Lakeland Christmas Eve. They said everything in the warehouse was out with the courier and everything would be delivered today. At 11.45pm I sent an email to say "Congratulations on the speedy and efficient delivery. It's Christmas in 17 minutes and it's still not here!" Dad got a picture of his Christmas present in a hastily-made card.

At the beginning of January, they reimbursed the money and told me to keep the parcel when it turned up.

Today I received a letter saying thanks for being a customer, we hope the service was excellent and here's a gift voucher.I lost my temper. I have highlighted the line about excellent service, scrawled across the top "No. Parcel dispatched Nov 29th. Still not received by Jan 10th despite 4 chasers by phone/email" and I've stuck it back in an envelope. Do I bother with a stamp or am I justified in making bloody crappy Lakeland pay for it at the other end?

(Mum ordered something from them at the beginning of December. It fucking arrived about a week later)


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