Jan. 26th, 2011

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Something fairly significant happened today. Well, no, not really. I finished the last Harry Potter book and in doing so, in one month, I have now read 1/4 of the books I read in the entirety of last year. 28 last year vs 7 in January this year. I hope to keep up something resembling this level of reading but admit that I started Deathly Hallows about a week and a half ago and abandoned it for a full week. I read it the weekend it came out. I was at Guide camp at the time and therefore I took in very little of the camp but I also took in very little of the book. And that was three and a half years ago, so re-reading it this last week or two has felt very much like reading for the first time. I have been amazed and surprised and trying to guess what'll come next and been flung around all over the place. And as you may have figured from my "7 books in January", the other 6 were the other Harry Potter books. It's been great fun reading them all in one go and I may have some things to say about them later on when I can be bothered to formulate some thoughts and sentences.

But I did my reading in the bath (best place for it, it seems. Three baths to get through Deathly Hallows. Long baths...) and came out really itchy. I literally scratched my skin raw. My arms and stomach were worst - all red and sore-looking. A good rinse off and then a proper wash seemed to help and lotion definitely did. I don't generally bother with lotion - it feels all heavy and oily and yucky but I thought it might be a good idea today and now everything feels unnaturally but delightfully soft and most importantly, non-itchy. Matey bubble bath (what? You don't have to be six to use it! My dad is nearly sixty and he loves it!) has never caused me a problem before and I rinsed the bath before I got in so I can't imagine there were any lingering cleaning chemicals in there. I came out wearing a towel and my glasses, to run straight into Dad coming up the stairs. He took one look at me and had hysterics. I mean the sort of hysterics where you not only can't talk but you can also hardly breathe and then although she had no idea what was so funny, Mum started laughing at him laughing and I just stood there, When he eventually sort of recovered the power of speech he managed to communicate that what was so hilarious was that my glasses were so steamed up when I came out of the bathroom that they were completely opaque, which was what I suspected.

Also been daydreaming about Alex's days in basic training, which is great fun, although I have no intention of actually writing any of it down properly.


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