Jan. 31st, 2011

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It's January 31st, so it's time to look at my resolutions. I've written in my diary to do this at the end of every month, so at the very least, that should give me the occasional reminder that I made some. Most are here, some are in my diary. This'll be the first time they're all together.
A review of my resolutions. Doing badly on the little ones, it seems )

Make some plans for New Zealand 2012
Still waiting for my map.

Finish Draft Zero of the Sequel by the end of March
I've rewritten the first chapter and I've got the plot mapped out, more or less. We'll see how the actual writing goes.

Draft One of the original by 31/12/11
Not even going to start until April

Be ok 2/3 of the time
A glorious triumph. Give or take a few moody first-thing-in-the-mornings, I've only had two proper bad days in January.

Brush my teeth morning and night
I forgot one Sunday morning but other than that 60/62 (haven't done them tonight yet. Haven't forgotten though)

Wear earrings more regularly
I wore them once and have forgotten ever since.

Don't try to contact friends
Accordingly not done. Pleased that since deciding this, two friends have contacted me about going out. A triumph.

Buy a pen for drawing on my maps
No. But then, I haven't got the maps yet.

Cup a day of orange juice at work

Never use bullet points again.
Do you see bullet points? Done.

Send Silver's parcel
Done. Got a letter in reply.

No internet after 9pm
Did for a few days. But often, I can't really get my hands on an internet before 9pm and I need it to function. I have been sleeping fine and I've been reading, so I don't think internet after 9pm is hurting.


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