Mar. 2nd, 2011

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I have just synced my iPhone for the first time since November. It has been made of pain. iTunes upgrade, iOS upgrade, deleted two email accounts, cleared my calendar, turned my nice tidy handful of apps into chaos, for a while refused to open anything. It has not been entertaining. It has taken an hour and a half. Just to sync maybe a dozen new songs/podcasts. My original intention wasn't even to do anything strenuous to it! I think I'll leave the iTouch for another night.
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Tomorrow I am joining a new club. It's another so-called "extreme" sport. I'm not entirely sure wherein the "extreme" lies but then again, I can't really see the extreme in caving or snowboarding so my judgement is perhaps not so clear here. I can't tell you what it is; there's apparently only the one club for this sport in the entire country and so to tell you what it is would be as good as putting an address label here. Quite excited and therefore will probably be disappointed. Will also be frustrated at inability to do it straight away but I really shouldn't because I know already it'll take five to ten sessions to get the hang of it. /cryptic.

Tonight I haven't done anything I planned to. I've had a bath and read a chunk of the Lies of Locke Lamora (have I recommended this book recently? I love it!) and then did some iPlayering and then, on a whim, ordered a pair of daft t-shirts. There is an Event upcoming in my life and I've been half-pondering what to wear for it. Only half pondering. I'm not a person who gives a great deal of attention to what I wear. Frankly, as long as it covers enough flesh (ie, most of it) I don't care what it looks like. But sometimes, I've discovered, you can get people pointing at you and saying "I love your t-shirt!" And so I've been half-pondering. The Event is still over a month away and I've got a lot coming up during that month so it's at the back of my mind. But tonight - the spark of inspiration! I've ordered a couple of custom-made t-shirts which will be perfect.

Also may have written a fluffy pointless snippet the other night wherein Alex & Joey are boyfriends. It would be adorable but I don't actually think it would work out. Poor Joey - even his limitless patience and boundless good nature couldn't put up with that for long. I have learned a lot about my boys over the last eighteen months but still they surprise me. Alex is not a big meat-eater - not vegetarian but he'll generally avoid meat, apart from occasionally ham or bacon. Joey sleeps in later than he used to and is easily stressed.

I should go to bed. I'm starting to get a little sleepy. First sign - sudden lack of enthusiasm for anything along with sudden lack of energy. Second sign - creeping desire to curl up beside the computer and have a nap.


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