Mar. 15th, 2011

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The subject of my trip came up at work again today. Dearly Beloved Boss has added the spectre of human trafficking to my list of things to be terrified of but on the whole, I'm ignoring the scaremongering. I can get rabies, be hit by a car, get mugged or pickpockted or kidnapped or pretty much anything like that in London. He did add that if I need to, if I find myself with no money or passport or plane tickets or otherwise in trouble, I can always call him as our company is "well placed to move me". Our company specialises into getting things into and out of inhospitable places with all the bureaucracy and getting around it that is entailed. It would have no problem getting one person out of a country in Europe.

We also had a discussion about Fukushima. I spent half an hour reading about nuclear reactors and nuclear fission. I shall keep my opinions to myself, however. Something I was unable to do when my Boss brought up the subject this afternoon.

I am mostly packed. I thought I'd sync my phone and iPod quickly before I left. Naturally, iTunes senses the hurry and decides it would be hugely entertaining to fuck around in every way it can think of. For once, I'm staring at my phone and hoping my Rangers decide not to come tonight.


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