Mar. 16th, 2011

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I am at a hotel in Vilnius. It has been an epic voyage. I do not use the word epic lightly here.

I left home at 4am to get to Heathrow. Flight to Brussels, second flight to Vilnius. All luggage came in my hands. I hate wheelie suitcases even more when I'm pulling them than when my fellow passengers are pulling them!

I got to Vilnius without incident and promptly jumped on the wrong bus. Half an hour later I decided this problem wasn't going to fix itself so I got off the wrong bus and got back on the same bus in the opposite direction. Back to the airport, start from scratch

Successfully got the train to the town centre and successfully found hotel down grottiest street seen so far. But it has a roof and wifi and a lock on the door.

First impressions of Vilnius: looks a lot like Bucharest but edged with snow. It has clearly snowed here recently. Mostly it's slush on the side of roads but in places it's still pristine. I wasn't expecting snow.

I will be able to give a more informed opinion of this place tomorrow when I have slept and am not in a state of semi-panic.

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