Mar. 23rd, 2011

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I think spring may be on its way. I am wearing a t-shirt, sitting on a grounsheet in the garden with my netbook under my right hand and a contented but curious guinea-pig in my lap. It is 5.22pm.

(Photos from Lithuania possibly coming later this evening)

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No pictures yet. I am lazy.

As of last night, I am finally a qualified Ranger leader. It's only taken three and a half years. Slowest qualification ever! Now I have to start thinking a bit more seriously about my Brownie Module 1. I've always put it off, said that I'll do it when I'm done with the Ranger one. Now I am. I'm putting a songbook together for the Brownies at the moment. I have twenty-seven songs in there. If anyone has any suggestions, I will consider adding them (but you'll need to find some way of teaching me the tune). I'm in charge of a musical evening next week. Alice the Camel will go down well, I think.

There was foam in my Vilnius hotel bathroom. I love foam but I've never used it for six days in a row and it seems my skin doesn't like it. At least, that's what I assumed caused it. The backs of my hands and to a lesser extent, the insides of my wrists, have turned all red and bumpy and dry and scaly and they itch like hell. It's driving me crazy! I'm hoping they'll settle down again now I'm away from both the foam and the cold weather. I think I'm going to try baby oil for a few days. Moisture is your hands' friend.


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