Apr. 1st, 2011

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March 31st. Time to look at those resolutions again.

They're not going so brilliantly. More effort in April. )
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Friday, thank God. I've been feeling pretty not-brilliant all week. I've almost definitely got the same thing I had in October. I'm not as miserable with it this time round though. Not sure whether that's because I'm more used to it now or because I haven't hit the really nasty bit yet. Phase One seems to be done. Phase One is the "I think it's just a cold" stage, with the sore throat followed by runny nose. Phase Two is starting. I've now got the sexy voice, the deeper-than-usual, slightly hoarse one and I can feel that the cough is on its way - yes, the one that drags on for the best part of a month and makes my muscles ache for a week. Oh, how I'm looking forward to that! And that means my voice may well vanish altogether either tonight or tomorrow night.

Sunday, I think, will be make or break. If it's a cold I'll be pretty much better by then. If it's not, I'll probably be curled up on the sofa without the energy to so much as watch a DVD. It's the latter. I pretty much know that already.

I'm going to spend the weekend doing as little as humanly possible. I've sort of got to get Mum a Mother's Day something and I've got to get some foam Easter eggs for the Brownies for Monday but y'know. Sleep in late tomorrow and go out in the afternoon, maybe.

(I'd like to point out that despite the tag, I'm feeling sort of ok at the moment. It's the lull between feeling icky and full of cold and feeling half-dead of flu)


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