Apr. 6th, 2011

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Today is the first day in over a week I've felt bright. The feeling that I'm coming down with something has lifted and taken any potential "something" with it, along with the misery that tends to come with not feeling brilliant. Also, the sun is out. This is probably not connected.

I'm off to London on Friday. Seeing Ed Byrne at Hammersmith Apollo in the evening, drinking with mates afterwards and then spending Saturday meeting up with my best friend from uni. I lived with her in my third and fourth year, she was one of my Anglophone Triplets when we all lived in Switzerland, she's third only to Jess and Annie in my affections and we haven't so much as texted each other since we graduated nearly four years ago. She went to live and work in Korea and hasn't updated her Facebook to say she's back. She could have been back for two years, for all I know. Anyway, she popped up on chat the other day, we said "oh, we should meet up sometime." And well, I got sick of my mates saying that to me last summer and then not coming through so I suggested that since I was staying overnight in London on April 8th, maybe we should meet there on the Saturday. And we're going to. Well-meaning intentions like that are useless unless you actually do something about it.

Unfortunately I've got a district meeting tonight right out in the sticks which I could really do without. Before I depart at 1pm on Friday, I need to pack, make some rocky road and paint my nails. I've squeezed in the nail painting tonight - alternating indigo and yellow - I'll get the ingredients on the way home, I'll chop it all tomorrow morning, melt & mix during lunch hour tomorrow and then get the nail tips on tomorrow evening.

I've had indigo on for the last three days and there's no cotton wool. Tissue as a nail varnish remover isn't brilliant. Not only has it left indigo marks around the edges of all my nails, it's left a faint indigo glow on them. It's taken three coats of yellow to try and hide it. No one else will notice but I will! Anyway, the yellow ones will have red tips put on tomorrow and the indigo ones will have silver tips. I like both those combinations and I couldn't settle on one or the other, so I'm alternating them.

Also, my nail painting method to ensure I've got the entire nail is to spread the colour liberally over most of my fingertip, leave to set rock-hard overnight and pick off the mess in the morning. Doing it shortly before I go out means that I'm going to be sitting in a meeting with yellow and indigo splodges everywhere. I don't think any of the leaders will notice. God, I hate district meetings and I don't really like any of these leaders either. The DC (now DivC) is one of those battleaxe women who terrify mice like me. Several of them have very prominent black moustaches. Nothing useful comes out of the meeting. It's cold, it's miles away, it's intimidating. I do have a weapon up my sleeve though - I'm qualified! And Mandy's nearly qualified! (I was insanely jealous when she Facebooked that she was done, a week or so before me. It has since transpired that yes, her mentor's signed her book off but some evidence needs amending, then said evidence and book need to be collected and sent off to county. Mine's gone! It's on GO and everything! Technically, she's not actually done! Technically, I've finished first! Took me three and a half years whereas it only took her one and a half but she's not running the unit single-handed while juggling her first ever adult job. Also, she's had a mentor since the beginning whereas I went two years without one. Etc etc. I have plenty of excuses for it taking so long. And it did. Six to twelve months is the usual. Eighteen under special circumstances.)

Time to go. Pictures of nails if I've got time. Time feels like I luxury I just don't have this week. Yes, I know. I'm wasting what little time I've got rambling about nails and qualifications.
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Amazing how even a district meeting hasn't dampened my bright mood.

It went easier without Mandy, to be honest. She's one of my best friends but the new DC summed it up best when talking about how close she is to having last year's accounts finished: "I think she's going to have a nervous breakdown in the next few days." That's what Mandy sounds like. All the time. In a small room with several people who don't know her too well... it can sound pretty bad. And it's much easier and calmer when she's not there. On the other hand, I had our new leader with me. You know when you watch a film that you've already seen with someone who hasn't seen it and you spend the whole time worrying about what that person thinks of it, you're going "Oh God, she hates it, this is the worst thing ever!" etc? I felt very responsible for her, as if it was my fault if she was bored. Almost as if I had to find some way of making the meeting better. In reality, I sit there and keep my mouth shut, with or without Mandy because that's not the sort of situation where I really function best.

Anyway. I've got the rocky road ingredients. I've managed to break up the chocolate without opening the packet and I suddenly realise what a daunting job I've got in the morning, cutting up Maltesers and marshmallows and biscuits. I'm not hugely fond of my Dearly Beloved Boss (you may have gathered this) but his rocky road recipe is chocolate heaven. I shall hand it to you.

Mix of dark and mik chocolate

My sister has also added a sprinkling of popping candy. Her boyfriend likes to add excessive amounts of fudge. I don't like fudge; I also don't like glace cherries.

All of a sudden I'm very tired. It's nearly 11 at night. I didn't go to bed until nearly midnight last night and I was having a bit of trouble sleeping the night before. Got home tonight and was staggered by the number of stars visible from my front garden. Not sure I've ever seen stars from the house. Beautiful. And on that non-sequiteur, I bid you goodnight.


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