Apr. 15th, 2011

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It's Friday. I've finished work for the week and I have the sort of relatively mild but relentless headache that just makes me want to burrow down in my bed and sleep for a couple of days until it goes away. I've already slept for an hour or so this evening - well, I wrapped up in my blankets in my bed and closed my eyes but I can't sleep at all in daylight hours (except on those rare occasions when I'm hideously ill), so it was more like a doze than an actual sleep. Can't say I felt hugely better when I woke up.

Then I thought food might help, so I've had some toast and a tiny bowl of pasta. Last time I ate pasta it nearly killed me but I was craving it tonight so I took it carefully. My pasta cookbook says in Italy, they generally feed you tiny pasta in broth when you're not feeling so good. I don't like tiny pasta - to someone like me, shape and texture is hugely important - but I had some spirals with some cheese and now I'm having a cup of hot chocolate. Two things my delicate system doesn't like but I'm ok so far and they're both good for my soul and tonight, it's my soul that needs some comforting. I am tired and my head hurts. I'd like to go to bed early but too early risks setting off insomnia so I'll have to time it a bit carefully.

Night, Livejournal. Don't wake me in the morning.


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