May. 20th, 2011

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Sometimes, in real life, a car really does run out of screenwash the night before the MOT.

Yeah, my baby's all grown up. Three years old, off for her first MOT in the morning. Twenty-three miles away, got to be there by 8.30 in the morning. On a Saturday! Don't I get to stay in bed even at weekends? And I've got to get up even earlier because I've got to locate the screenwash in the garage and then locate the right hole to pour it into under the bonnet. The night before the MOT! Honestly, car!

I wore my skyscraper heels to work today. They do look good, I have to admit. But they hurt! Driving was fun! I couldn't feel the accelerator! I could feel the car responding to me flexing my foot but I couldn't feel the pedal. They came off after less than 45 minutes at work, because they were - in a side-effect I was not expecting - making me feel sick. I think it was because of having my legs at an unnatural angle constantly. Something just didn't feel right and it made me feel not very well. Not to mention the fact that I can't get up or down stairs in them and just standing up and walking was an effort. And it pushed me up to 5'8"/5'9" and while I quite enjoyed the extra height, eye-to-eye with the guys and looking down at the top of the girls' heads, it also made me feel very giraffe-like and conspicuous. And I made a slight stumble in the car park on the damn things (with a witness!) and am now aware of a slightly odd stiff feeling in that ankle. I don't think for one moment it's actually broken. I don't think it's even sprained. But you know that slightly uncomfortable sensation when you need to click the bones, which is relieved by clicking the bones? The bones don't click.

And I should stop poking at my teeth. They were fine for years and now I fear there's not a one worth saving. Ugh. Hate my teeth!

Got to go to bed. Got to be up early.


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