Oct. 29th, 2011

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And you know how I said the kids were making a racket at 11.20pm? At midnight they shut up. Gladly, I went to sleep.


Only to be startled awake, completely disoriented, didn't know which way was which and convinced there was another floor above my room (which there isn't; I'm in the roof) by drunk students thumping up the stairs, yelling, slamming doors, yelling more for good measure, playing obscenely loud music, slamming more doors, thumping walls, still yelling...


Have I painted a vivid enough picture of the noise these creatures are making? My clock said 2.07am. It is now 3.15am and while they're quieter, I can still hear voices.


I am not brave enough to go out bleary eyed barefooted and in pyjamas to ask drunk Scottish (and possibly Northern Irish) to shut the fuck up but i will certainly make sure my alarm is nice and loud and goes off several times in the morning. I may even leave a furious message on reception - which won't be open when I leave. I may even go so far as to leave rude notes on their doors. I have never really used or felt the need to use the taboo c-word but believe me, it suits them and their noise very well. (On which note, I've never comprehended why it's considered so much worse than the other words)


I know this is a hostel rather than a hotel but it does have rules including shutting the fuck up when people are sleeping.


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