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It has been a pretty good-ok-ish sort of day. I have slept ok for the last two nights so that helps a lot, catching up on the sleep I missed Sunday night. Unfortunately, I did eat last night before bed, a couple of slices of toast and a handful of cheesy biscuits, I think, so not much and quite early on too, but not being very good at the whole food thing, I woke up at god-knows-what-time feeling very very sick. This generally happens if I've eaten cheese after about 9pm but I had no cheese yesterday. I haven't had cheese since Sunday. Anyway, after lying very still for a while and trying to sit up a bit, I must have fallen asleep again fairly quickly.

It got to about 10am before I remembered I didn't have breakfast. This isn't unusual, I generally don't bother having breakfast if I've got to go to work and it's a really bad habit and I really should force myself out of bed ten or twenty minutes earlier to make time for it. But at 10, I suddenly realised I was really really hungry. For some reason, if I don't eat before bed, I'm not hungry the next day. If I do eat before bed, I'm invariably starving in the morning. And I was starving! And then Mandy came over at lunchtime to do some Brownie planning so I didn't get any lunch either *cries*

It's odd how lack of food affects your mood. Despite the fact that I come to LJ to whine and cry and be sad and angry and unleash a gamut of negative emotions I don't get to display in real life, the flesh-and-blood me is generally sunny-tempered, or at the very least placid and even-tempered. But this afternoon... I could feel this hunger-induced despair. Things that shouldn't have been upsetting me were - I won't even start on the saga of the chocolate biscuits. I was resentful of everyone else in the room who had eaten in the last twelve hours, I was starting to have trouble getting a thought together (although this may be the stress of covering the work of two people who are away - I'm half trained in their work, but I'm office admin and crap jobs, not order processing and I suspect it would be just as quick for the order people to do the orders themselves than to have to keep answering my questions)

Anyway. Then I went snowboarding. I had to buy a new pass because I finished my one last time. Accidentally bought ten hours instead of five but never mind. I've got through four passes in the last two years so I will be using those five hours eventually but that's twenty half-hour sessions. If I go twice a month, that's ten months it'll last! There were some Explorers coming to play on the ringos, using half the slope and possibly straying onto the other half. They apologised that I probably wouldn't get much snowboarding done. "Obviously, we won't take any time off your pass for tonight...." Sweet. I like the snowboarding lot. They do give me a free night from time to time. When it's half term and there are ten thousand kids learning to ski so the queue for the lift is eight miles long and you only manage three descents in the half hour - I got that night for free as well.

The "Explorers" looked familiar, or their t-shirts did. After I'd finished and put my normal shoes back on, I approached their leader and asked if they were Rangers. They were indeed and we spent half an hour chatting about Senior Section. She's given me some interesting ideas to discuss with my own girls and also given me a flyer about an activity challenge camp for the entire county that has somehow not made it to my neck of the woods. It looks great. I really hope my girls would like to go. All sorts of activities for £20, finishing up the night with a barbecue. And then I got home at 7.30pm and finally got to have some food. Been awake eleven and a half hours, done a day's work and been snowboarding and only just getting the first morsels of food in me. Well done there. I would make a good anorexic because I can go quite a long time without food. I would make a bad anorexic because I hate it and it would make me cry all the time.

And finally, I've decided to go ahead and have a go at the Walking Qualification. I picked up the book last time I was at CHQ, flicked through, shuddered and put it down. But I'll be brave. I'm a qualified leader, now I will do an activity qualification. I will get in touch with the County Outdoors Advisor to see how I go about doing the qualification - will it at any point involve a weekend at one of the training centres? I will order the book tonight, it'll arrive next week and I can have a look through and see how plausible it really looks.

Date: 2011-06-09 12:44 am (UTC)
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Being hungry always makes me out of sorts, too. May I suggest keeping a couple of nutritious snacks in your desk for emergencies? Back when I was better organised than at the moment, I kept a secret stash of peanut butter and a box of whole-grain crackers; that worked pretty well. (Other people probably have much nicer things than that ;-)

The snowboarding people sound lovely. That was so kind! And at least you got a little bit of snowboarding in. But oh, you must have been so hungry at the end of the day.

And what's involved in an activity challenge camp, by the way? I was in Brownies, oh, last century, but I can't remember anything called that.

Date: 2011-06-09 07:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm like a food camel - I can go for up to four days on minimal food. Not by choice, I hasten to add, I realise that's not an incredibly healthy choice to make but occasionally... Obviously, I eat like a horse when this semi-voluntary starvation period is over. I don't think to keep food handy because it's very rare that I don't get at least the opportunity to eat at lunchtime. Maybe four times in the three-and-a-bit years I've been working full time. And we do have a biscuit barrel and I generally have apple or orange juice in the kitchen.

The activity challenge camp is actually a "[Campsite] Challenge Day", 9am - 8pm, so no actual camping involved. Activities you can choose from:
dragon boat racing
crate stacking
rifle shooting
camp cookery
And finishing up with a campfire. Me likes the look of this.

Date: 2011-06-09 10:11 am (UTC)
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I get so annoyed if I don't get something to eat when I need it. :P I'm amazed you managed to go the whole day without eating - I can just about go from breakfast to lunch. :P

Also - the campsite challenge day sounds really fun. I was never in Brownies or anything like that, but I wish I had been.

Date: 2011-06-09 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have what you might call a slightly unusual relationship with food, so hunger-wise and energy-wise I can get through a foodless day pretty easily. Actually, now I sit and think about it, the moodiness yesterday is probably more down to having an incredibly busy day without so much as a five minute break by myself because generally I don't notice any mood differences from not eating.

Maybe it's not practical if you're about to move to France but when you come back, you could look into becoming a Unit Helper (or even a qualified Leader.. come to the dark side..) when you get back. FYI, ages are
Rainbows 4-7
Brownies 7-10
Guides 10-16
Rangers/Senior Section 14-26 (theoretically, in practice generally 14-18)
so whichever age range you prefer there's a section for you - then you get to join in with all the fun stuff and help reduce the waiting lists. (Guides and Scouts all over the country really need leaders.)


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