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Wow, Ed and Chris were in daft giggly moods tonight, weren't they? Someone on Twitter asked " is someone under the desks tickling all the guests belly buttons they r all so happy" - it was a genuine joy to watch. Dear Mock the Week: more giggly, happy Ed and Chris please.

Dianne Morgan is so pretty - I want her hair! 

Micky Flanagan... oh, Micky is always good. I can't describe quite the feelings his comedy produces in me.

Andy Parsons still sounded a bit croaky this week - we've had croaky people on MtW before but it doesn't usually last two weeks. Ed had a bit of a croaky moment as well. Dear internet: Andy Parsons is brilliant, stop being mean to him.

Chris - I do feel he slightly overeggs his stand-up bit - not that it wasn't hilarious but I think he could tone it back just a wee bit without annoying me too much. But he's great and he's lively and he's clever and funny and so utterly natural and I love him.

Oh, Ed.... what were you wearing, sweetie?! Part of me is horrified and part of me finds the combination completely endearing. And stop cutting your hair! It seems to be getting very regular trims recently and he needs to let it grow out just a wee bit - we want our really shaggy-haired Ed back! I've never seen Ed in a mood like that - it was beautiful. *hugs the Ed* And sweetie, as the father of a Cosmo, you're not really in any position to criticise anyone else's choice of unusual baby names. (Yes, I am having a one-sided conversation with an imaginary Ed and calling him sweetie) I have decided something else - that my boy is right-footed. And also that he was high as a kite on that episode. And maybe shouldn't have started on Piers Morgan - while I agree with the sentiment, saying something like that in public is as foolish as deliberately taking on the Chegwin thugs. I think Morgan's "I hear you've been saying on #mocktheweek you want to punch me @MrEdByrne - yet when you met me you kissed my a** like a lovesick puppy." is a little inaccurate though - if you haven't heard the infamous Ed v Piers on YouTube, they did have a bit of a tussle. Hardly the stuff of lovesick puppies.
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