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 Four whole days with no posting. That's not like me. That sort of makes me feel like I should offer some sort of explanation. I've not had anything to say and for once I've managed to not say it. 

It's been chaotic at work. All our sales people are away, for one thing. And our accountant's dad died yesterday morning. It took a week, so we've been without her for a while and are likely to be for the rest of the week. And our online banking's all screwed up. Me and the new accounts assistant, she's a year older than me, give or take a month, and I sort of feel like we're two little girls trying to manage the company finances single-handedly. And we were doing great. She lined up the weekly payments, I set them up on the bank and that's when it all went wrong. So money-wise it's been a stressful week. Suppliers that can't be paid, bosses who are getting fed up with the constant bank problems and I don't know about her, but I'm starting to feel like it's our fault, which I know it isn't. It's just typical that it all goes wrong the week we're left to handle it. And then various people phone for the accountant and we can't just say "No, she's not in, her dad died," because you can't do that. They ask when she's due back and... we have no idea.

Last week I mentioned a hideous task I had which caused immense pain and numbness in my left arm and also a not-nice headache from the close-up work and just was generally horrible. I got paid for it - in cheese and marmite. I mean, I get paid anyway in money like a normal person but because I did this job so quickly and so thoroughly, I got given a block of cheese and a block of marmite as thanks.

Today I have hurt my right hand. Got out of my car and I don't know how I did it but I clonked my hand on the car door. It immediately went numb and I whimpered for a few minutes, incapable of making any other noise. Within five or ten minutes, the feeling had returned but over the next half an hour to an hour, it began to bruise and hurt. It's not "painful" as such but it's "uncomfortable" and I'm treating it gently and trying to be left-handed to spare it because certain movements hurt a lot. Turning the key in the car to switch off the engine, that one made me howl in pain. Holding a pen too tightly, that hurts. I'm 99% sure it's not broken. For one thing, everything moves fine and there's no swelling or excessive bruising. It was only the slightest clonk too. I'm astonished how much it hurts for so trivial an injury. Tomorrow it'll either be better or it'll swell and stiffen overnight and be agony tomorrow. Hoping for the better. We've got a work bowling night tomorrow. I'm not very good at bowling at the best of times but if I have to resort to doing it left-handed, it'll be a joke.

I went shopping on Saturday. Successfully bought a backpack for hiking, a compass, three OS maps and a map case. But I did not buy what I went out to buy, which was proper waterproof waterproofs. I went in the outdoors shop and had a look at the stuff and went "£175 for a jacket?! Are you having a giraffe?!" £150-£200 is apparently the going rate for raincoats and £60-£100 for waterproof trousers, which don't even have any inbuilt warmth! I know that specialised kit is going to be expensive but I'm not into the hiking enough for that! Bye-bye, Cotswold. I shall go back to Millets/Blacks/Oswald Bailey - the outdoors places that seem to specialise more in family camping holidays and less in actual technical mountaineering. I'm hugely impressed with the bag though, apart from that it's an alarming shade of green. It has more pockets than I can count, it has lots of straps, it has a hole for the tube of a camelbak, it has a raincover and a mesh back and it's generally quite awesome. Depending on the weather and what waterproofs I can scavenge up from the cupboard under the stairs, I'm taking it out for its first hike on Saturday, on the trail I'm taking my Rangers on in a couple of weeks. Always handy for the leader to be familiar with the route. And that'll be the third walk to go in my logbook. Coast, heath and now forest.

Meanwhile, I did not sleep well last night. My brain insisted on going over the Promise Ceremony we did as Brownies which I intend to implement with the Brownies I now lead and it wouldn't stop long enough to let me sleep. I suspect I actually slept more than I thought I did because I haven't been feeling tired and groggy and miserable today. Either that or because I've slept well for quite a while I haven't built up the tiredness enough to not feel well. But I'm going back to the bedtime routine. I know that if I try going to bed at 10, I won't sleep all night. Pretty much the same for 10.30. I tend to stay up until midnight or 12.30 recently but I mustn't. Bedtime for the next few days is 11pm and we'll see whether I can sleep. Of course, we've got two work nights out this week, so it's entirely possible I won't be home in time for bed at 11pm anyway.

Date: 2011-06-22 09:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hope your hand is feeling better today. Sounds painful. :( I love bowling though, so I hope you can play! :)

It's too bad to hear about your stress at work. :(

Date: 2011-06-22 12:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It is better today. Still hurts if I press on the injury but complete non-painful function is restored so bowling should be no problem. Well, no more problem than usual.


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