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I didn't sleep so well last night. I dreamed that I was being flung into the air by the ankle by Tom Hiddleston. This much I know. I woke up suddenly, leapt to my knees in a panic fighting not to throw up there and then. I'm less sure this bit actually happened. At the time I was convinced it was real. In movies etc people always wake up suddenly and startlingly, sit bolt upright, gasp, wake themselves screaming etc. I don't do this, even from bad nightmares. I suspect most people don't. And this wasn't a nightmare. It wasn't scary. Tom Hiddleston is supremely unscary. Even if it had been Loki - well, my poor-little-Loki switch is still jammed in the 'on' position so I doubt I'd have been scared even if he'd shown up. So I conclude it's unlikely I did have such a physical reaction to the dream and it was one of these rare but real dreams-within-a-dream where I've dreamed I've woken up - this has certainly happened to me before and last time the fake wake-up also featured a film-style wake-up from a bad dream.

I am off to London. 1) to go to the Covent Garden map shop 2) to visit the Greenwich IMAX.

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