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I am very tired. This is what comes of waking up itchy every night, although I apparently fall back to sleep pretty easily and don't wake up in the morning feeling like I've been awake all night. My eyes actually feel heavy, which is a new sensation to me.

Lee Mack is brilliant, I am in love with Not Going Out.

I like Jimmy Carr a little bit more every time I watch 10 O'Clock Live. This is irritating when I thoroughly disliked him a few years ago. And oh, the pain when I believed Charlie Brooker was actually falling apart on live TV.

Listened to my beloved Ed Byrne on 6Music this morning. He and Dara have (probably drunkenly) tried to master the lift from Dirty Dancing - Dara doing the lifting, obviously. That is the the most amazingly comic image ever and I wish I could draw so I could do a picture of it. (Time to admit that despite being a 25-year-old female, I've never seen Dirty Dancing and have only the vaguest idea of how this lift manifests itself. Isn't that the one where he holds the girl up above his head and she's all horizontal?)

Eyes hardly staying open now.
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I am bored out of my tiny little mind. No response from Jess or Annie about meeting up this week (should be neither surprised nor disappointed. That's how people work). I braved the shops this morning because Mum wanted to get out of the house, so I wandered aimlessly for an hour or so, looking in all the shops I go in all year round, at all the stuff I can buy all year round. I find shopping immensely boring unless I'm shopping for something specific, and then it tends to be stressful because I can't go home until I've bought some shoes!! or What on earth do I get Jess for Christmas?? or some such.

My thoughts on Top Gear in the Middle East, Three Men Go to Scotland (and sailing), tonight's TV and last night's insomnia )
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I think even if I haven't mentioned it, you may be able to guess that I'm a big Three Men... fan. They've done five trips so far and frankly, five years of post-Christmas boys-in-a-boat is more than enough to make it a tradition. The sad fact is that one day there won't be a new boat trip at Christmas and that will confuse my brain so much. But for now...

Three Men... is one of the rare things that my entire family sits down to watch. We all love Dara and Rory - God, Rory's been a part of my consciousness for so long! My mate Tank was in manlove with him from the age of about thirteen and I have little doodles of him and somone called David and Martin (no idea who they are) drawn in my Year 11 leaving book. Actually, they may have been Tank's people but it's Annie's now-husband who actually drew them. Tank wrote me a full page of a message in song titles and added a drawing of him at the bottom. So yeah, Rory is a part of my life. And the point of that was that I love the Three Men and my sister likes them and my mum likes them and my dad likes them and we all sit there and watch.

However, the high point of the episode today was the preview for Thursday's episode - four voices all at once go "Is that-?!" and I try not to sound too excited or start jumping up and down and say "... is that my mate Ed?" Oh yes. On Thursday Three Men become Four Men. Dara's best mate Ed is appearing on the boat!

I knew he was in Scotland over the summer, he's practically lived there this year, up in the Highlands and Islands every other week practically. I've said several times "Maybe they'll run into Oz and Hugh" because I knew those two were doing some drinking up in the Highlands and maybe I was silently hoping Ed would turn up but I never thought he actually would. Oh, 2010, I'm warming to you after all!
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I meant to do this a while  back and then didn't bother; figured it may as well wait until all seven were done. My 2010 comedy (give or take Godless Christmas) finished last night. So, in alphabetical order, the seven comedians I've seen since the beginning of October. Obviously I saw Ed too but he got his own post because I didn't see him locally.

Ardal O'Hanlon )
Brendon Burns )
Chris Addison )
Dara O Briain )
Rich Hall )
Ross Noble )
Stewart Francis )


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