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Wow, Ed and Chris were in daft giggly moods tonight, weren't they? Someone on Twitter asked " is someone under the desks tickling all the guests belly buttons they r all so happy" - it was a genuine joy to watch. Dear Mock the Week: more giggly, happy Ed and Chris please.

Dianne Morgan is so pretty - I want her hair! 

Micky Flanagan... oh, Micky is always good. I can't describe quite the feelings his comedy produces in me.

Andy Parsons still sounded a bit croaky this week - we've had croaky people on MtW before but it doesn't usually last two weeks. Ed had a bit of a croaky moment as well. Dear internet: Andy Parsons is brilliant, stop being mean to him.

Chris - I do feel he slightly overeggs his stand-up bit - not that it wasn't hilarious but I think he could tone it back just a wee bit without annoying me too much. But he's great and he's lively and he's clever and funny and so utterly natural and I love him.

Oh, Ed.... what were you wearing, sweetie?! Part of me is horrified and part of me finds the combination completely endearing. And stop cutting your hair! It seems to be getting very regular trims recently and he needs to let it grow out just a wee bit - we want our really shaggy-haired Ed back! I've never seen Ed in a mood like that - it was beautiful. *hugs the Ed* And sweetie, as the father of a Cosmo, you're not really in any position to criticise anyone else's choice of unusual baby names. (Yes, I am having a one-sided conversation with an imaginary Ed and calling him sweetie) I have decided something else - that my boy is right-footed. And also that he was high as a kite on that episode. And maybe shouldn't have started on Piers Morgan - while I agree with the sentiment, saying something like that in public is as foolish as deliberately taking on the Chegwin thugs. I think Morgan's "I hear you've been saying on #mocktheweek you want to punch me @MrEdByrne - yet when you met me you kissed my a** like a lovesick puppy." is a little inaccurate though - if you haven't heard the infamous Ed v Piers on YouTube, they did have a bit of a tussle. Hardly the stuff of lovesick puppies.
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Today is the first day in over a week I've felt bright. The feeling that I'm coming down with something has lifted and taken any potential "something" with it, along with the misery that tends to come with not feeling brilliant. Also, the sun is out. This is probably not connected.

I'm off to London on Friday. Seeing Ed Byrne at Hammersmith Apollo in the evening, drinking with mates afterwards and then spending Saturday meeting up with my best friend from uni. I lived with her in my third and fourth year, she was one of my Anglophone Triplets when we all lived in Switzerland, she's third only to Jess and Annie in my affections and we haven't so much as texted each other since we graduated nearly four years ago. She went to live and work in Korea and hasn't updated her Facebook to say she's back. She could have been back for two years, for all I know. Anyway, she popped up on chat the other day, we said "oh, we should meet up sometime." And well, I got sick of my mates saying that to me last summer and then not coming through so I suggested that since I was staying overnight in London on April 8th, maybe we should meet there on the Saturday. And we're going to. Well-meaning intentions like that are useless unless you actually do something about it.

Unfortunately I've got a district meeting tonight right out in the sticks which I could really do without. Before I depart at 1pm on Friday, I need to pack, make some rocky road and paint my nails. I've squeezed in the nail painting tonight - alternating indigo and yellow - I'll get the ingredients on the way home, I'll chop it all tomorrow morning, melt & mix during lunch hour tomorrow and then get the nail tips on tomorrow evening.

I've had indigo on for the last three days and there's no cotton wool. Tissue as a nail varnish remover isn't brilliant. Not only has it left indigo marks around the edges of all my nails, it's left a faint indigo glow on them. It's taken three coats of yellow to try and hide it. No one else will notice but I will! Anyway, the yellow ones will have red tips put on tomorrow and the indigo ones will have silver tips. I like both those combinations and I couldn't settle on one or the other, so I'm alternating them.

Also, my nail painting method to ensure I've got the entire nail is to spread the colour liberally over most of my fingertip, leave to set rock-hard overnight and pick off the mess in the morning. Doing it shortly before I go out means that I'm going to be sitting in a meeting with yellow and indigo splodges everywhere. I don't think any of the leaders will notice. God, I hate district meetings and I don't really like any of these leaders either. The DC (now DivC) is one of those battleaxe women who terrify mice like me. Several of them have very prominent black moustaches. Nothing useful comes out of the meeting. It's cold, it's miles away, it's intimidating. I do have a weapon up my sleeve though - I'm qualified! And Mandy's nearly qualified! (I was insanely jealous when she Facebooked that she was done, a week or so before me. It has since transpired that yes, her mentor's signed her book off but some evidence needs amending, then said evidence and book need to be collected and sent off to county. Mine's gone! It's on GO and everything! Technically, she's not actually done! Technically, I've finished first! Took me three and a half years whereas it only took her one and a half but she's not running the unit single-handed while juggling her first ever adult job. Also, she's had a mentor since the beginning whereas I went two years without one. Etc etc. I have plenty of excuses for it taking so long. And it did. Six to twelve months is the usual. Eighteen under special circumstances.)

Time to go. Pictures of nails if I've got time. Time feels like I luxury I just don't have this week. Yes, I know. I'm wasting what little time I've got rambling about nails and qualifications.
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I had a rubbish morning. I slept badly (convinced in the middle of the nights that there were rats in my room and then dreamed about Ed Byrne and woke up feeling groggy and moody. Bad morning - tired and grumpy became tired and ill-used became resentful became full-on utterly miserable.

Then I came home at lunchtime to find Keith Chegwin's opened his mouth again and unleashed his band of bullies and may have lost my temper sufficiently to have a go back...

Luckily, this afternoon was ok and then the fans were out in full support of Ed when I got home so now I'm just tired and just want a bath. Except that my Rangers have just texted and they're not coming tonight. But I've still got a 25 mile round trip because census is due next Tuesday and I need the Guide leaders to sign the cheque because I'm not a signatory yet. But still, I should have time for a bath tonight. And then an early night for I really do notice the difference almost immediately when I'm tired.

I wrote another 500-ish words of The Sequel - Joey's at it again, surprising me, doing things I never intended him to. When Alex takes matters into his own hands he just tends to get grouchy and scared. Joey is apparently coming down with a cold. I don't think a bit of sniffing and sneezing is going to have too much impact on the story but even so... damn you, Joey.
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Today I have stayed in bed so late into the day that I started to feel lightheaded from lack of food and drink and decided I really had to get up now.

I have sat on the floor in front of the fire and finally put together my 20 chapters for The Sequel while Sister watches about twenty episodes of How I Met Your Mother back to back. I am not keen on Barney, I like Robyn and I have been in love with Alyson Hannigan's hair ever since I first laid eyes on her in the first Buffy episode I ever watched, quite a while back.

Mum has demonstrated that lack of way with words is genetic by describing the method by which we all spoke to my grandmother over the phone as "talkerphone".

I am watching Three Men in a Boat, which has reminded Mum that "whatshisname... you know.. him... Ed Byrne!" was on the One Show on Thursday. I know. I iPlayered it. She doesn't know that so she described the bit about him naming the baby. I casually said "I hear he's doing the dancing thing". "Yes," she said. "With his hairband." It took me a few watches to notice the hairband but she apparently spotted it immediately. My mother is a little too much like me at times.

I want to straighten my hair. Don't know why; I have a lot of hair and it's quite curly and I'm not physically capable of doing it all by myself. Might be because I saw some pictures of Avril Lavigne who also has a lot of hair, poker-straight and full of bright colours. I liked the scruffy boots thing she had going on as well.

I intended to have a bath tonight but it seems I'm being distracted by Harry Hill. And in a few weeks, I'm going to see Shaun the Sheep on stage. I have no idea how that will manifest itself but it's likely to be populated by smallish children.

And I am rambling

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I am very tired. This is what comes of waking up itchy every night, although I apparently fall back to sleep pretty easily and don't wake up in the morning feeling like I've been awake all night. My eyes actually feel heavy, which is a new sensation to me.

Lee Mack is brilliant, I am in love with Not Going Out.

I like Jimmy Carr a little bit more every time I watch 10 O'Clock Live. This is irritating when I thoroughly disliked him a few years ago. And oh, the pain when I believed Charlie Brooker was actually falling apart on live TV.

Listened to my beloved Ed Byrne on 6Music this morning. He and Dara have (probably drunkenly) tried to master the lift from Dirty Dancing - Dara doing the lifting, obviously. That is the the most amazingly comic image ever and I wish I could draw so I could do a picture of it. (Time to admit that despite being a 25-year-old female, I've never seen Dirty Dancing and have only the vaguest idea of how this lift manifests itself. Isn't that the one where he holds the girl up above his head and she's all horizontal?)

Eyes hardly staying open now.
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Am I not shutting up today? I have rinsed my mouth with vodka and there are no words for the stinging of holding vodka in your mouth. It hasn't done a lot for the toothache. However, either the pain is letting up a little or the distraction of The Bubble is an ok painkiller. Dr Comedy's at it again. I promise I will be phoning a dentist on Monday. And when the hurt tooth gets dealt with, I will probably tell you about it in detail. Sorry about that. Writing stuff down here is sort of therapeutic.

While I was writing about Primeval earlier there was something I wanted to add on the end, something non-Primeval related, but I have no idea what it was.

After loving Knight & Day earlier, I'm delighted to find that Chris Addison happened to watch it today as well and even more that he liked it as much as I did.

And I've just been contacted by an old friend. I say "old friend". We met for one evening only, although admittedly, she came back to my hotel room for the night and we went out for breakfast in the morning. We haven't seen each other since and although we're Facebook friends, only a couple of messages have passed between us in over a year. She's made a suggestion that my head says I should resist. My heart wants to get my credit card out right now. And in situations like this, my heart usually wins.

Watching The Bubble, as I mentioned. Jon, Germaine and Ed are funny. I think they genuinely bonded in the house. When I went to the Lake District in October, I flew to Manchester and then took the train, and on the train I was sitting opposite someone who sounded exactly like Jon Richardson. I was about to fall slightly in love with him (didn't hurt that he was pretty) when it dawned on me that he's probably only seventeen or eighteen and it's ill-advised for someone my age to gaze at someone that age. I wish, wish, there was more footage of the Scrabble games. I know there's footage floating around somewhere but it's never been made public. (I feel like Hazel from Anne of Windy Willows. I am abusing italics.)

While I'm rambling, I shall tell you how I earned Brownie points (and therefore food) by doing lots of washing up. I'm firmly on the side of washing under running water rather than dunking everything in a big bowl of filthy water but I'm aware that some people disapprove of that. Housewife Colleague once made some remarks in her sickly sweet voice about "Oh, you obviously don't do this very often, do you?" and it took a great deal of self-control to not point out that washing up isn't my job, I'm being nice and if you think I'm doing it wrong, then you can damn well do it yourself, woman! Anyway, stuff got washed, floors got drenched and I became the good guy and therefore didn't have to do any more tidying for the rest of the afternoon, which is the best result of them all.

Have a couple of Bubble caps. I've meant to picspam this properly for nearly a year, so maybe I'll get round to it sometime )

Oh! I've very suddenly remembered what the thing was that I wanted to say during Primeval. Anyone find Brian from the Beechams 3-in-1 advert quite pretty? This isn't the current advert but it's the same person and the same footage of Brian, so it'll do very nicely. Obviously I'm not obsessive over him, otherwise I would have remembered him a lot sooner.

I decided (and have completely forgotten why) that my little black glasses are bad for my eyes so at the moment I'm wearing my massive black comedian ones. I call them my comedian ones however, the reality is that the comedian I most resemble in them is probably Ronnie Barker. They're ludicrously big and the arms are far too long and they're constantly slipping off the end of my nose so on the whole, they're fairly useless (more time spent hauling them back onto my face than actually seeing through them) and they don't even look good. I wore them to Brownies once and was told fairly comprehensively by one of the girls just how ridiculous they look. I haven't dared wear them to work. I can hear Boss's Feisty Mother's opinion on them already.

I should go to bed. I seem to be sleeping pretty well at the moment and sleep certainly seems to help my teeth but I'm in the mood for staring at a computer screen for a few hours while rambling about things no one wants to know.

Comedy upcoming between now and May, alphabetically. It sort of feels like a waste to have not seen any at all in January. But the only ones who were around were Punt & Dennis and by the time I'd decided I actually did quite fancy seeing them, they'd sold out.

Andy Parsons - he's been a gap in my comedy list for so long.
Ed Byrne - well, obviously!
Greg Davies - he's not one I've been going "I really want to see him, when is he coming here?" but I can see that if I didn't go, I'd be thinking that in a year's time. Along with "damn, why didn't I go when I had the chance?"
Mark Watson - Booked last August, yet still managed to get front row ticket, which I only realised yesterday. Tickets first appeared last January but buying one over a year in advance seemed a little silly. Besides, being prone to sudden changes in obsessions, I wasn't guaranteeing still being into comedy a year later. But here I am!
Micky Flanagan - Saw him at Altitude, fell in love. Resent sharing him with other people. How dare he go on Mock the Week and suddenly become popular!
Milton Jones - Love at first sight. Another "I want to see him, why won't he come near me?!" one.

List may grow. Depends who else is on.

And now shut up, Phantym. Go to bed. You're tired enough that you're having difficulty keeping the screen in focus.

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I think even if I haven't mentioned it, you may be able to guess that I'm a big Three Men... fan. They've done five trips so far and frankly, five years of post-Christmas boys-in-a-boat is more than enough to make it a tradition. The sad fact is that one day there won't be a new boat trip at Christmas and that will confuse my brain so much. But for now...

Three Men... is one of the rare things that my entire family sits down to watch. We all love Dara and Rory - God, Rory's been a part of my consciousness for so long! My mate Tank was in manlove with him from the age of about thirteen and I have little doodles of him and somone called David and Martin (no idea who they are) drawn in my Year 11 leaving book. Actually, they may have been Tank's people but it's Annie's now-husband who actually drew them. Tank wrote me a full page of a message in song titles and added a drawing of him at the bottom. So yeah, Rory is a part of my life. And the point of that was that I love the Three Men and my sister likes them and my mum likes them and my dad likes them and we all sit there and watch.

However, the high point of the episode today was the preview for Thursday's episode - four voices all at once go "Is that-?!" and I try not to sound too excited or start jumping up and down and say "... is that my mate Ed?" Oh yes. On Thursday Three Men become Four Men. Dara's best mate Ed is appearing on the boat!

I knew he was in Scotland over the summer, he's practically lived there this year, up in the Highlands and Islands every other week practically. I've said several times "Maybe they'll run into Oz and Hugh" because I knew those two were doing some drinking up in the Highlands and maybe I was silently hoping Ed would turn up but I never thought he actually would. Oh, 2010, I'm warming to you after all!
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Time to write it up. First and most importantly, I stayed in a hotel in central London, went back to it after a big exciting "comedy" show and actually slept! Admittedly, I woke up at 3.15 and then again at 7.15 but for most of the night, I slept! (Recovering insomniac here has never been able to sleep in a city centre before and certainly never after seeing Ed Byrne live.)

Secondly, I suspect I'm not really the target audience for this. To be fair, they did try to keep it secular rather than anti-religious but I'm like all of the atheist brigade in that I bristle at being told what to believe - only, unfortunately, what particularly makes me bristle is being advised that I should be an atheist. No, on the whole they weren't smug or elitest about it, and the majority of them didn't actually mention religion but... I'm not a believer but neither do I ally myself with the atheists.

Despite the title, it was less a "godless" show and more a "rational revelry" all about the love of science. It was a geek night out and I felt like the dumbest person in the room for a lot of it. Most of the audience quite obviously had PhDs - massive black glasses, long hair and earnest expressions were the hallmark of the audience which, incidentally, included Andy Hamilton from QI.

I'm not going to get these quite in the right order, but I'll do my best.

17 acts in nearly three and a half hours. Lovely mix of comedians, scientists and musicians )

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Right now, what upsets me is this:

Old Rope Monday - @andrewismaxwell Milton Jones @RobinInce @NickDoody etc

From Twitter.

Nick Doody and Milton Jones are in my Top Four comedians and Andrew Maxwell is easily in my Top Ten and I want to go so much and I can't! It starts at 7.30 and I know from experience that it's not possible to get to central London by 7.30 if I leave work at 5.00pm and I have no more holiday time. Some bastard has gone "Who are Phantym's favourite comedians? Let's sprinkle them all over a show she can't go to!! Mwahahaha!!"

So that's what upsets me today. Bastards!

Oh well. Sometimes Lady Luck shines down with her golden light of fortune - sometimes Fate needs a helping hand. As it happens, Nick Doody will be at Godless Christmas on Wednesday. I must just shrug and say I saw Andrew Maxwell four times at Altitude and once more at his own tour a week later so don't go getting upset that you'll miss him on Monday and that I'll see Milton Jones one day when the time is right. Serene... (Nothing against Robin Ince, I'll see him on Wednesday but he isn't in my Top Ten.)

Shall I do my Top Ten? I muse on my Top Four occasionally because I genuinely don't know what order to put them all in but I don't tend to think beyond that.

My Top Ten Comedians. Or Top Seven plus eight Honourable Mentions )
Snowchains for feet. I have made a second one so I don't have to hop )
Going out dressed oddly and jewellery )
I should go to bed. I'm a little tired. Quite tired, actually. Slept really well the last two nights. Further evidence that my cold is a nice ordinary one - after one day, I was pretty much better, my nose is behaving itself reasonably well already and by Monday I should have forgotten I ever had it. Hello wonderful immune system, I've missed you! *hugs immune system*
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Can't do great detail. There's only been nine days of it. It's been cold, it's snowed, I've made snow chains for my boots and apart from that, not done a lot. Soon it will be Christmas and I haven't finished shopping yet. One parcel seems to have gone missing in the post. Godless Christmas next week, spa day the week after. Maybe seeing Jess & Annie the week after. I don't have any enthusiasm for writing about "this month".

I'm sorry I've been miserable again the last couple of days. Life. People. This is a war and every day is a battle and I can't win every battle. Sometimes maybe I'll be sad, sometimes I'll be frustrated, sometimes I'll be upset. I've lost a couple of battles this week but I still think I'm winning the war.

I didn't sleep well last night. I've spent most of the last week working on the profit & loss account at work and every time I closed my eyes, I just saw my bed as a series of twelve boxes and I didn't know what numbers to put in them. Then I'd open my eyes and tell myself my bed is my bed, it's just one thing and it's right here but... eyes closed, back come the boxes. The surrealness of it stopped me getting too upset with it. Imagining some loving boyfriend making me warm and comfortable and giving me drinks and rubbing away my headache was nice but if anything, made it harder to get to sleep. (I have a cold. Just a lovely ordinary one with a bit of added headachiness for the fun of it, nothing like the flu bug from hell I had in October. No sneezing or coughing, just a misbehaving nose and mild lingering headaches. It's so nice to be back to ordinary non-miserable illness!)

Another thing that made me happy today was my boss. I generally give the impression that I hate him. I'm not keen on him; he's capricious and unpredictable and frequently moody but quite often he's in a good mood and sometimes he's just weird. We've got a water machine which used to be up in the main office but on his orders was moved yesterday to reception (Stupid place to put it. Walk all the way to the front door for a cup of water?!). It's just a stand that holds up a massive 9l bottle of water and you can have it room temperature or icy-cold. Anyway, he was talking to his Feisty Mother on the phone last night. Conversation went as so:

Boss: I'm a bit worried about where you've put the water machine.
Mother: [Boss], I didn't put it there. It was your orders to move it.
Boss: Well, I'm a bit worried about where it is. People might pee in the bottles.

...I don't even know. Have I mentioned that he's weird?

This is my elephant table, by the way. He's cracked on the tabletop and on one of his ears but he's still adorable. Even Mum likes him; says the cracks add to his character. There were half a dozen elephant tables but I fell in love with the cracked one. He's going in my house one day. I was going to make a winter project of him, try to repair the cracks, clean him up etc but I'm not going to. He's cute enough how he is.

My elephant table )Isn't he cuuuuute?

Now the pressure's off, I'm going to start playing with Alex and Joey again. I want 100,000 words of serviceable Draft Zero of The Sequel by the end of March and as of the end of NaNoWriMo I had just under 31,000. I'm very fond of my boys.

I've got the house to myself for a few hours tonight so I've got a blanket and some cheesy biscuits and I'm watching Zemanovaload, which I haven't seen for far too long. I like it. It's a good-hearted film and I genuinely can't decide whether my favourite thing about it is Ed Byrne, all short spiky hair and dark eyes and shirts over bright-coloured t-shirts, or the soundtrack. I may picspam this film at some point.

For now, I'm warm and sniffly and contented. I think I'm winning today.
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So, The Alan Titchmarsh Show from December 2009.

Look what I could have done! )

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Three new favourite pictures, found at the crack of dawn this morning. Why did I never think to have another look at Flickr?

(I'm enjoying having an evening in with the house to myself, so I'm watching Zemanovaload, then Ashes to Ashes and I can't be bothered with any capping.)

These are from the Big Libel Gig. I've got quite a few more of him on stage but the backstage ones are sweeter.

Have I ever mentioned I like red clothes? )
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Oh, now I'm really going for the obscure....

Two tweets from Ed dated December 12th:

On set of a short film for the BBC. I say, "On set". In a blokes living room would be more accurate.

Apparently, b4 a take, Jack Lemmon used to say," Magic time!". That's because Lemmon never did a microbudget, independent British short film

This is the film in question, which has only popped up today. It's called My Beast Friend and when he says a "short" film.... the film itself, minus the credits etc, is less than a minute and a half. We have Ed as he appears today, with the layered hair and suchlike, but no glasses which is a combination I've never seen. Enjoy! Picspam of entirely-unknown mini-movie )
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Celebrity Mastermind. One man in a chair in the dark. I got twenty-five caps out of this one. I have a particular soft spot for it for a particular reason. Not telling why because it's a very long story which makes me sound a little insane.

Name? Ed Byrne. Specialist subject? Star Trek movies )

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This is Comedy Shuffle. Not really worth watching, in my opinion, unless you're a rabid Ed or Rob fan. I'm fond of Rob, and well...

It's a couple of years old. It's a promo appearance for Pedantic and Whimsical, and I'm really very fond of this era. The hair is indefinably different, and the glasses are definitely different and I'm sometimes not sure if I don't prefer Ed looking like this to Ed now.

Topics of conversation here range from Ed's kung-fu adventures to projecting 3D porn onto yourself via massive TVs, publicity photos, YouTube and Canberra, (although not necessarily in that order). It's quite good fun because most of it I haven't heard him repeat anywhere else and I reiterate - he's on TV wearing hiking boots! There is no one else in the world who'd even think of doing that and I adore it!

You really want a projector for that kind of carry-on )
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Just watched, and very much enjoyed, Grumpy Guide to the 80s. Well, there was the bit where half the Grumpies weren't really old enough. Ed Byrne and Shappi Khorsandi both turned ten in the early 80s and were teenagers by the end and Russell Kane stood out by not actually being born until 1980 and therefore couldn't possibly have either remembered or understood most of what was going on.

It contained this horror:

Ed Byrne with a bleach blonde mullet. Not a good look. Thank God it's a wig )

We'll make up for that horror with a quick couple of pictures of him looking pretty while he talks about 80s hairstyles, showing off bare wrists, pretty hands and wide eyes. My dad decided to wonder out loud towards the end when this was all filmed. The orange flashes on the side of the glasses place this any time from mid-February onwards. And is this his house? Maybe.

Ed looking mercifully normal and adorable )

Now looking forward to the possibility of him being on the next series of Grumpy Old Men. I seem to remember reading once about him turning it down before on the basis of either not being grumpy enough or not being old enough. Can't remember which and now can't find it. Actually, he didn't seem grumpy enough in this. A lot of it was with wide-eyed taking-it-too-seriously-ness and a lot of it was with barely-suppressed giggles. I don't know which I found cuter.
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Used to be, a while back, that I did lots of picspams. And then I didn't do any at all. But recently I've remembered how much I enjoy having pretty pictures in easy reach and I'm gradually making Ed ones.

These are from his latest live DVD, Different Class, and quite possibly this is where he's prettiest of all the things I've seen him in. And only the first half because he's prettier and jeans and checked shirt than in a purple suit. Maybe I'll do the other half sometime. Maybe not.

I really do overuse the word pretty.

"So strangely, nerdily attractive! If only he'd do something about that James May haircut" )

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I haven't done a picspam for a very long time and I certainly haven't done as many Ed ones as I could have done. Only two to my recollection and I got rid of one of them to do something unnecessarily complicated to it, which leaves only one open and available.

So here's Ed on Newsnight ten days ago. Big caps taken from iPlayer and therefore I've accidentally caught some bad faces and been too lazy to try again. But I've also got some lovely ones.


You see?

Ed Byrne on Newsnight )
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Wandering around Tesco today, I came across the new Mock the Week DVD which I didn't know even existed and I've decided I love this particular bit so much, it must be shared with the world. I say the world.... Anyway, it's Ed Byrne being incapable of timing getting from his seat to the performance area and it's adorable.

I've never embedded a YouTube video before, let alone one of my own )
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I am a weak individual. I tried, oh I tried, to be good but Ed Byrne was so pretty on Have I Got News For You tonight that I had to picspam it a bit. I've been looking forward to this episode far more than is reasonable, I think, and he didn't let me down.

Ed has one of the prettiest smiles in the world )


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