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 God bless quiet relaxing Friday nights in. I've eaten a bowl of pasta (my body is currently capable of doing this) and crawled into my parents' bed because they've got a TV in their room and I've watched Mission Impossible 2 and part of 3 before being turfed out. I am on the quiet quite a big Tom Cruise fan. I know he's gone all crazy but you know... (I have a thing for pint-sized men, I'm aware of this. My GCSE crush, Tom Cruise, Bryan Dick, Ed Byrne, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.) And I've been a Mission Impossible (films) fan since I saw the first one aged twelve or so. I know that the second and third ones went all out for the action with the romance subplots when the first one was quieter and perhaps cleverer and a lot more spy-like but they're still epic fun. I don't ask for high art or philosophy in my films - my favourites include the Mission Impossible series, Pirates, Iron Man and Priscilla. (I'm not actually a big film watcher. My DVD collection seems to be mostly TV.) Back to the subject of Tom Cruise, I also love Knight & Day. Ethan Hunt goes undercover as Roy Miller? They're clearly the same person. (And I'd love Minority Report a lot more and watch it more often if it didn't have the eye fixation. I am ridiculously squeamish about eyes.)

This time I watched it - Mission Impossible 2/3, that is - while half working on Chapter Twelve of the sequel of my own spy series and comparing Ethan Hunt to Alex Leyland. They're not very similar in much apart from that they're not very tall. Alex is absolutely phobic about heights which rules him out of trying about 60% of Ethan's stunts, for one thing. I need to make my spy books a little more exotic. Not too much. That's half the point, that the reality is nothing like James Bond, or indeed Ethan Hunt. Chapter Twelve is a bitch. It's over 1000 words too short, I've got Joey having a bout of despair-induced depression, Alex down in the dumps and a thunderstorm rattling around keeping everyone awake. I've been poking it for about two months now in the hope that it'll finish itself and I can move onto a cheerier chapter.

(I am feeling much better than I was earlier. Tomorrow I am off shopping for a couple of OS maps, a compass of my own and some proper waterproof waterproofs. Mine are waterproof in the way a tent is - touch the inside and the water comes through. And you can't wear waterproofs without touching the insides.)
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Just briefly, as this post was originally going to be about my car...

I cleared it out today so Sister and her Useless Boyfriend could both get in. Took forever. Three quarters of the clothes I own were in there. Four coats. Four pairs of shoes. Two pairs of gloves and a pair of welly liners. Ancient biscuits and massive sheets of sugar paper from our St Andrews evening at Brownies. Half-eaten chocolate bars. So much paper! My good suit jacket. A malfunctioning thermometer. Chunks of misshapen clay. The man at the garage yesterday got me to put as much as I could in the boot because if the MOT tester couldn't get at the rear seatbelt buckles, he had the right to refuse to do the MOT. I'm not surprised I broke the suspension, amount of junk I had in my poor car.

Anyway, the reason I had to put them in my car was that we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I liked it. I "and another thing"'d all the way home.
Things I thought about it )
That'll do for rambling, not-going-anywhere thoughts on this film. Yes, it's just a summer blockbuster but yes, it was riotously good fun and I enjoyed pretty much every minute.
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I've just been watching Grease. I like Grease. For a little while, it was my favourite film. But I do not like Sandy's transformation at the end. That does not sit well with me.

In other news, Dave Gorman is awesome. I'm watching the Googlewhack Adventure, which I haven't watched since I really got into comedy. Oh, he's a glorious nerd. And last time I saw it, I didn't know he was a maths student and now it's hugely obvious. And he's an absolute master and I love him.
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I feel ick tonight. The cold's gone quiet - I was coughing a fair bit this morning, thought I was about to get Phase 2 but it doesn't seem to have come to much. My visions of being sent home from work by 10am on Monday have vanished. I've spent the day either dozing in my blankets or in the bath and it seems the rest has done me good. I've watched Round Ireland with a Fridge - dire film, too short, no time to fully show anything, full of little sequences that don't go anywhere, endless fades-to-next-scene-halfway-through-current-scene and Tony Hawks is an appalling actor. I've rewatched Zemanovaload, which has the potential to be a bit nasty-hearted and yet somehow isn't - can't decide how much is down to Ed Byrne being naturally very likeable and how much is down to the soundtrack. I'm feeling better, cold-wise. Seems I've escaped a second round of Flu-Bug From Hell after all. Yay immune system!
I do have The Usual to contend with however, so stomach pains, backache, mild fever and desire for surgical intervention to end this hell, which is why I'm feeling grotty even though I'm not technically "ill". But I'm completely tired out, could close my eyes and sleep for a thousand years. Except no. My body's waking me up at 7.30 every morning without fail, even today when I'd vowed to spend the day asleep, or at the very least not wake up until 10. I... I suppose it's nice to be surprised at what this bizarre shell of mine decides to do every day.
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Have I mentioned recently just how deliciously ridiculous Knight & Day is? I am in love with this film. I may have said this when I first watched it over the summer (although possibly not, because that was also the night I spent walking along the seafront with Silver and I had other things on my mind).

I'm a long (closeted) adorer of Tom Cruise. I am vaguely aware that there are issues of crazy and Scientology and stuff but... I like him.

And I like films with spies in them and people jumping off the roofs of cars at high speeds and girls who declare that they used to be Brownies and explosions and weird people casually killing everyone and then crashlanding planes in a field. I particularly love the lorry driver with the loud music who doesn't notice the plane gliding along the road behind him. And spies revering a toy knight. And trains through the Alps. I'm only half an hour in, there's a lot more to go and I'm going to love every minute.
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I went to bed fairly early last night, slept really well and really late. Well, I sort of woke up about 8.25ish, which is the time I drag myself out of bed during the week but stayed in bed dozing for another hour, picked up my laptop, played on that for a bit and then put it down and curled up again. I didn't get up until Mum came in at just after 11 which I know isn't late for some people, especially on a Saturday but it is for me. Or it used to be. Pre-laptop, I would get up about 6.30/7am every day without fail. Now I'm catching up on years of lost sleep. But I've felt so much more lively today for the extra sleep.

Sister's Useless Boyfriend (hereafter UB) arrived thirty seconds after I dragged myself out of bed. I like him. You wouldn't tell from listening to the two of us - it's a two-way stream of constant insults and rudeness. Mum says I treat him like the brother I never had. I mean, yes, he's useless and he's not interested in anything beyond Nintendo but, y'know.

We went shopping, I found another duck - really must get out my entire collection and count them one day - and bought some new toothbrushes and some orange juice for work and we bought ingredients for Rocky Road, then came home and watched Scott Pilgrim. Well, I only half-watched it. Then we bulled UB into letting us watch some of the extra features and damn, I'd forgotten exactly why I used to have a fairly big crush on Edgar Wright. Isn't he lovely? I mean, physically he's My Type - the smallish guy with longish unruly hair and a great thick streak of geeky passion. He also works far too long and doesn't sleep enough, so he has a tendency to exhaustion, headaches and colds which tends to bring out my otherwise-hidden caring side and make me go "Aww, poor poorly baby!" And I've never heard anyone say a bad word about him (I've seen plenty of criticism of his manic directing style, on the other hand) and he just seems to be a really nice person. I like Edgar Wright a lot.

At Rangers this week we did some Fimo modelling. I made another little dragon to add to my collection but he only got baked this afternoon and then I sat and painted him with three coats of varnish while watching the film. I will take a photo of my Fimo dragons tomorrow. They're cute.

UB had also brought Toy Story 3 but I can't watch it. I have a ridiculously sentimental streak in which even the idea of it makes me very nearly cry, and a discussion of Toy Story 3 and Mr Magorian's Wonder Emporium had me with tears in my eyes this morning, without even watching either of them. (We watched Mr Magorian on Christmas Day a couple of years ago. I really don't know what it is about it, or what was wrong with me that day, but I cried my eyes out for hours. I've never done that before or since. I just couldn't stop it. Stupid things make me cry.)

Then when we'd finished with Scott Pilgrim, we made Rocky Road, then watched Total Wipeout and Primeval and then UB and Sister played Goldeneye on Wii. I have a problem with video games. I'll have a go and not be very good, because I'm not used to the controls but people won't give me the chance to get used to it. It's always "Look, look, watch me, this is how you do it." Oh great. Three hours of watching you drive a virtual car/shoot people/play golf. Jess is particularly bad for this. I want to enjoy it, I really do but it's not something that comes naturally to me and no one's willing to be patient with a beginner. (Arcade Soul Caliber, however, I'm awesome at. We used to go to the arcades above one of the bars when I lived in Switzerland and I would annihilate my two friends there.)

And when he'd gone, I retreated back to bed and laptop, which is where I am now, waiting to feel sleepy enough to go to bed. I've had a very enjoyable day. Goodnight.


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