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As promised on whatever day it was (was it really only yesterday? Or was it as long ago as Thursday?), here is a non-whining post. Consider it a celebration of my personal New Year. These are pictures of trips I've done this year. Altitude, my family summer holiday, Guide camp, the Lake District and the Ealing Comedy Festival. I'm not really one for doing real-life picspams so here goes.


Snip snip. Lots of big pictures. Mostly very pretty scenery from around Europe. Places I've been this year )


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So, The Alan Titchmarsh Show from December 2009.

Look what I could have done! )

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Three new favourite pictures, found at the crack of dawn this morning. Why did I never think to have another look at Flickr?

(I'm enjoying having an evening in with the house to myself, so I'm watching Zemanovaload, then Ashes to Ashes and I can't be bothered with any capping.)

These are from the Big Libel Gig. I've got quite a few more of him on stage but the backstage ones are sweeter.

Have I ever mentioned I like red clothes? )
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Oh, now I'm really going for the obscure....

Two tweets from Ed dated December 12th:

On set of a short film for the BBC. I say, "On set". In a blokes living room would be more accurate.

Apparently, b4 a take, Jack Lemmon used to say," Magic time!". That's because Lemmon never did a microbudget, independent British short film

This is the film in question, which has only popped up today. It's called My Beast Friend and when he says a "short" film.... the film itself, minus the credits etc, is less than a minute and a half. We have Ed as he appears today, with the layered hair and suchlike, but no glasses which is a combination I've never seen. Enjoy! Picspam of entirely-unknown mini-movie )
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Celebrity Mastermind. One man in a chair in the dark. I got twenty-five caps out of this one. I have a particular soft spot for it for a particular reason. Not telling why because it's a very long story which makes me sound a little insane.

Name? Ed Byrne. Specialist subject? Star Trek movies )

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This is Comedy Shuffle. Not really worth watching, in my opinion, unless you're a rabid Ed or Rob fan. I'm fond of Rob, and well...

It's a couple of years old. It's a promo appearance for Pedantic and Whimsical, and I'm really very fond of this era. The hair is indefinably different, and the glasses are definitely different and I'm sometimes not sure if I don't prefer Ed looking like this to Ed now.

Topics of conversation here range from Ed's kung-fu adventures to projecting 3D porn onto yourself via massive TVs, publicity photos, YouTube and Canberra, (although not necessarily in that order). It's quite good fun because most of it I haven't heard him repeat anywhere else and I reiterate - he's on TV wearing hiking boots! There is no one else in the world who'd even think of doing that and I adore it!

You really want a projector for that kind of carry-on )
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Just watched, and very much enjoyed, Grumpy Guide to the 80s. Well, there was the bit where half the Grumpies weren't really old enough. Ed Byrne and Shappi Khorsandi both turned ten in the early 80s and were teenagers by the end and Russell Kane stood out by not actually being born until 1980 and therefore couldn't possibly have either remembered or understood most of what was going on.

It contained this horror:

Ed Byrne with a bleach blonde mullet. Not a good look. Thank God it's a wig )

We'll make up for that horror with a quick couple of pictures of him looking pretty while he talks about 80s hairstyles, showing off bare wrists, pretty hands and wide eyes. My dad decided to wonder out loud towards the end when this was all filmed. The orange flashes on the side of the glasses place this any time from mid-February onwards. And is this his house? Maybe.

Ed looking mercifully normal and adorable )

Now looking forward to the possibility of him being on the next series of Grumpy Old Men. I seem to remember reading once about him turning it down before on the basis of either not being grumpy enough or not being old enough. Can't remember which and now can't find it. Actually, he didn't seem grumpy enough in this. A lot of it was with wide-eyed taking-it-too-seriously-ness and a lot of it was with barely-suppressed giggles. I don't know which I found cuter.
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Used to be, a while back, that I did lots of picspams. And then I didn't do any at all. But recently I've remembered how much I enjoy having pretty pictures in easy reach and I'm gradually making Ed ones.

These are from his latest live DVD, Different Class, and quite possibly this is where he's prettiest of all the things I've seen him in. And only the first half because he's prettier and jeans and checked shirt than in a purple suit. Maybe I'll do the other half sometime. Maybe not.

I really do overuse the word pretty.

"So strangely, nerdily attractive! If only he'd do something about that James May haircut" )

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I haven't done a picspam for a very long time and I certainly haven't done as many Ed ones as I could have done. Only two to my recollection and I got rid of one of them to do something unnecessarily complicated to it, which leaves only one open and available.

So here's Ed on Newsnight ten days ago. Big caps taken from iPlayer and therefore I've accidentally caught some bad faces and been too lazy to try again. But I've also got some lovely ones.


You see?

Ed Byrne on Newsnight )
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I really wasn't intending to be awake this early today, particularly as I only went to bed about 2am but my clock is awkward and if you press the button to make it glow, you just get a glowy green box because the time immediately fades so much it's unreadable. 4.38am, my laptop said when I dragged it onto my bed and having made the effort to pick it up and switch it on, I wasn't going to put it down and go back to sleep and risk not waking up in time to finish off my nails before work. Anyway, the point is that 5 in the morning is an excellent time for a Bryan Dick picspam. Sold, Episode Four, in which Danny kinda loses it a bit. Lots and lots of spoilers for this one. )
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In the spirit of striking while the iron's hot (the reason I'll be snowboarding tomorrow even though I went today), here is part 3 of Sold already.
In which we get our first hints about Danny's childhood )
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Part two of Sold:
Featuring Bryan dancing barefooted )
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I am a weak individual. I tried, oh I tried, to be good but Ed Byrne was so pretty on Have I Got News For You tonight that I had to picspam it a bit. I've been looking forward to this episode far more than is reasonable, I think, and he didn't let me down.

Ed has one of the prettiest smiles in the world )
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After getting the shock of my life about ten minutes ago, I feel in desperate need of some pretty so cheer me up (although I'm not sure there's enough pretty in the world to make up for this). I had the caps more or less ready, so here goes. If you haven't seen All The Small Things (or Heart and Soul as it's apparently called in Australia), you might want to be a bit careful because this will almost certainly contain spoilers for future episodes.
Everyone, may I introduce Mr Jake Barton )
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This is in celebration of me being brave enough to do something I've wanted to do for three months. I'm going to be very vague about what it actually is though, because realistically, probably nothing's going to come of it. But this is me, being impulsive and brave and inspired.

So, Shockers: Parents' Night.

If any Bryan Dick fans haven't seen this, it's from approx 2001 when he's 23 and looks all of about fourteen. See below example. His hair is darker than I'm used to, his eyes are bigger and clearer and he seems much paler than he does now. All in all, I wish I'd known twenty-three-year-olds who looked that beautiful when I was twenty-three.

Shockers: Parents' Night. If you haven't seen this, Bryan plays a most unpleasant little bully, very convincingly, and everything comes to a pretty nasty end, with guns, murder and suicide. You have been warned. )
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Nearly a week after part two, here's the third and final Twenty Thousand picspam, picking up where the last one left off. The end of Bob's story and all his appearances in Jenny's and Ella's stories. Not that there's very much of him in Jenny's, and a lot of Ella's is exactly the same as Bob's, so there was no point in capping it all twice.
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, part three )
So, what shall I do next? It won't be for three or four weeks, I'm off next weekend for a fortnight, and I'm not really planning on having time for picspams this week or the week after I get back, but something will be along at some point.
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Epic Twenty Thousand picspam part two

Oh, Bob! )
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My final count came in at 2778 caps. Fortunately, I've whittled that down to a mere 149, in three parts. Yeah, I got a bit carried away, but I think we all realised that quite a while ago.
And as it's getting on for midnight, I can't tell the difference between scr and src which means I've spent ten minutes swearing and cursing at my inability to get any pictures to show.Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, part one )
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I'm really tempted to take advantage of being home alone and therefore not having to answer any questions about where, and more awkwardly, why, I'm going, to go to the submarine museum in Portsmouth. If she were here, my mother would bombard me with "You can't drive that far! You've never driven that far! You can't drive that far!"

I really want to go and see Arcadia in London. That definitely won't be tomorrow but it may be next Friday....

Also, have a few behind-the-scenes pictures from Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky. I've done part one, Bob's Story and if I keep going at this rate, I'm going to end up with Twenty Thousand Screencaps Under the Sky. When I've done all three parts (and thank heavens Bob's only in the last ten seconds of part two) I'll decide how many parts it needs breaking into for posting. Mostly either in black and white or so washed out as to be virtually black and white, like a lot of Twenty Thousand )
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And so we come to the end of Blackpool.

Turn him off. Take his batteries out )

Coming soon, Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky


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