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I'm feeling a little better now. Back in my own bed (my parents' bed for some reason is much better for anti-pain naps), I've had some painkillers, I've watched Primeval and Russell Howard's Good News. Now I'm just plain tired. I went out with the girls from work yesterday, to a murder mystery evening. We got back late, my mind had been set going far too fast and it was reluctant to slow down and it also decided it needed to see the Graham Norton Show before I could sleep. I put the computer down and fidgeted for an hour and hovered on the edge of sleep and then gave up, hoisted the laptop back up. Fine, brain. You win.
And then, having not got to sleep until nearly 3am, my brain decided to wake me up by 8. Properly awake. Not the sort of half-awake that compels me to push back the heavy duvet so as to be able to get at the radiator better at 6am but properly now-I'm-awake-I-should-get-up sort of awake. I didn't get up. I listened to the radio on my phone instead, having had to first go downstairs to fetch the thing. Then I got dragged to town, dragged to the bank to get Dad's name taken off my bank account and then had to remain until Sister had finished shopping. I bought The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie and I'm looking forward to finishing Best Served Cold.

Ireland trip planning )

I'm tired. I missed a lot of sleep last night and although I had a nap this afternoon, I've still several hours to catch up on. But first, Primeval.

Musings on Primeval series four. )


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So, today. I slept ten hours straight through, give or take waking up early to shove the duvet off and curl up against the radiator (I sleep under my blankets but they're not really warm enough for this freezing winter so I have to have the extra layer. However, blankets plus radiators is a lovely combination) and woke up toothache free. Stayed in bed for a while, then I watched Knight and Day, as I mentioned. I loved it and my parents, who came home halfway through, enjoyed what they saw of it.

Then I watched episodes one and three of series one of Primeval, then the current episode that was on TV. I do have a few things to say there. Matt's last line, about Gideon. Matt, dear, don't say it as if you think it's some huge revelation. We knew it from the second he first appeared on screen.

Comparing series one to series four:

In the first episode, Connor's sniffly and says "I'm not really outdoorsy. I've got sinus issues and allergies." That never shows up again. Why bother leaving that line in?

What happened to Connor's girlfriend/penfriend in the Gambia? They were clearly quite close, even if they'd never met, and I'd like to think that he's still in contact with her.

What happened to the fact that the anomalies were hugely magnetic and sucked in all metallic objects in the vicinity? I know that they've gone through several methods of detecting/tracking anomalies with various bits of equipment but in general, they don't seem to be massively magnetic anymore.

This week's creatures were utterly adorable but.. I sort of thought the CGI wasn't as good as it used to be. The creatures just aren't as weighty as they used to be. They looked like they were about to float away.

I've decided I'm not keen on Abby's new long hair. It's not that the length doesn't suit her - I've seen Hannah Spearitt with long hair many times over the years as part of S Club 7 - but I think the problem is that it looks like it hasn't been brushed. Also, the colour doesn't seem to look quite as good on the long hair as it did on the short. She does suit the "girl thing" though - that blue dress? Wow, she looks good doing the action thing in a dress. Back in series one, when she went to pick Stephen up from hospital, she looked a little uncomfortable in the long skirt and much more comfortable back in jeans and boots. Abby makes me want to wear boots.

And aw, I'm glad Connor's mate came back a few weeks ago. Tom died long ago but I used to wonder occasionally what happened to Duncan and isn't it great that they finally dealt with it.

And why can't we have more dinosaurs like the anapsid? Something big and gentle lumbering around causing alarm but not too much damage? I know, I know, that's not dramatic. Or dinosaurs that I recognise. I want a triceratops or a stegosaurus, not generic monsters with Greek names that are pronounced too quickly and only once. The logical part of me knows that the show 1) doesn't use that era and 2) over the millions of years, there would have been far more "creatures" than just the big striking-looking ones that six-year-olds love. But I want my dinosaurs!


Jan. 6th, 2008 09:21 pm
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People - whoever you are, wherever you came from, stop. Please give me five minutes of your time so I can show you what Primeval is all about and why you should watch it.

It deserves so much more love than it gets. People see that it's an ITV series and immediately assume it's rubbish, or they assume it's a rip-off of Doctor Who, and neither is true. Let me show you what Primeval is about.

This is not a minute-by-minute examination of the series. I don't want to give away too much but here is a very basic outline of the first episode, the characters, some of the relationships and a few dinosaurs.

The reason I'm doing this is that series two starts next Saturday and I want every single one of you to at least watch the first new episode, please. Just one hour of your Saturday. ITV are also repeating the last episode of series one earlier in the afternoon, so you can catch up a bit. My local library which doesn't have a terribly good DVD selection has it, so the chances are yours will too.

Please. This show deserves so much love. Tell your friends about it; even if you don't like it, maybe one of them will.
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Ben Miller, I think, is terribly unappreciated. Last year, I watched Primeval very half-heartedly, then bought the DVDs and watched it again with much love, mostly for Douglas Henshall and Andrew-Lee Potts, completely oblivious of this adorable man.

One little uncut preview:


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This is the last Connor picspam, I promise. Until the new series comes along, anyway.
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Part one is here
Part two is here
Part three is here
Part four is here
Part five is here

Wow, I'm incompetent with dates.
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Part one is here
Part two is here
Part three is here
Part four is here
Part six is here
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 This one is very Connor-heavy and there are twice as many caps as the first three parts. Never mind. The more the merrier. I do apologise for these picspams, but they're so addictive and there's only two episodes left, although I do intend to do a special "Connor's costumes" picspam at the end.

Part one is here
Part two is here
Part three is here
Part five is here
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Part one is here
Part two is here 
Part four is here
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I made more dolls - Primeval ones this time - with hair!

Bases by ILCK
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I'm torn between Cutter and Connor as my favourite Primeval character, but I thought Connor had a bit of an edge over Cutter in the deserving-a-picspam stakes.

For those of you who don't know, Primeval is a drama series about a group of pretty people who chase dinosaurs and jump through portals backwards and forwards in time. It's awesome.

 Picspam from episode two here
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1) I'm not entirely sure how I'm getting Life on Mars or Doctor Who into this epic of mine, but so far, I'm getting on okay with the Top Gear, Primeval, Torchwood and Robin Hood parts. We'll see if I finish it and if it's any good before I decide to post it. But I was checking up on some stuff the other day when I got distracted by:

2) Life on Mars transcripts. I did them last year and I'm doing them again this year. I meant to start weeks ago and keep up with it as I went along, but my supply of DVDs from home was somewhat sporadic and I had essays. I have exams after the holidays so I guess I'll have to have them done by then. Series One and eps 1 and 2 of Series Two are finished though, and I'm halfway through ep 3 and they can be found at When they're all done and all linked, I'll announce it in [community profile] lifein1973 . But they take a full day each to do and I'm not spending all day every day on it. But they'll all be done before the end of April, I promise.

16/04 - S2E3, S2E4 and S2E5 finished.

24/04 - S2E6 uploaded

24/04 - The site doesn't seem to be working. I have no idea why but I really hope it's only temporary. Sometimes it's accessible at so try that.


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