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Dec. 15th, 2007 09:56 pm
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Last week while I was watching 2x10, I tried to draw a chain of character loves in my head and discovered that it didn't seem to have any end, so I actually drew it - you know, Guy loves Marian who loves Robin who is loved by Much etc and this week, I extended it a bit with some guests to make a beautifully tangled little web.
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The Taxman Cometh, Brothers in Arms, Tattoo? What Tattoo, and A Thing or Two About Loyalty. Four episodes, so a lot of caps. You have been warned. All caps free to a good home; if you want to use them to make icons or whatever, go ahead. This goes for all caps in all my picspams, Robin Hood-related or otherwise.

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This covers the second disc of the first DVD set, Parent Hood, Turk Flu and Hood Academy.

Part 3 coming sometime in the next week...
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Allan and Will and Djaq have had more than their fair shares of picspams. Now it's Much's turn. This is just from the first DVD of the first series; that is, the first three episodes. I'm doing each disc in a separate post, so there will be more Much coming fairly soon.

I would have done a bit more commentary but my computer is running more slowly than a tortoise with an overdose of sedatives at the moment.
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1) I'm not entirely sure how I'm getting Life on Mars or Doctor Who into this epic of mine, but so far, I'm getting on okay with the Top Gear, Primeval, Torchwood and Robin Hood parts. We'll see if I finish it and if it's any good before I decide to post it. But I was checking up on some stuff the other day when I got distracted by:

2) Life on Mars transcripts. I did them last year and I'm doing them again this year. I meant to start weeks ago and keep up with it as I went along, but my supply of DVDs from home was somewhat sporadic and I had essays. I have exams after the holidays so I guess I'll have to have them done by then. Series One and eps 1 and 2 of Series Two are finished though, and I'm halfway through ep 3 and they can be found at http://phantym.atspace.com/lom When they're all done and all linked, I'll announce it in [community profile] lifein1973 . But they take a full day each to do and I'm not spending all day every day on it. But they'll all be done before the end of April, I promise.

16/04 - S2E3, S2E4 and S2E5 finished.

24/04 - S2E6 uploaded

24/04 - The site doesn't seem to be working. I have no idea why but I really hope it's only temporary. Sometimes it's accessible at http://phantym.atspace.com/lom/index.htm so try that.


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