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I really wasn't intending to be awake this early today, particularly as I only went to bed about 2am but my clock is awkward and if you press the button to make it glow, you just get a glowy green box because the time immediately fades so much it's unreadable. 4.38am, my laptop said when I dragged it onto my bed and having made the effort to pick it up and switch it on, I wasn't going to put it down and go back to sleep and risk not waking up in time to finish off my nails before work. Anyway, the point is that 5 in the morning is an excellent time for a Bryan Dick picspam. Sold, Episode Four, in which Danny kinda loses it a bit. Lots and lots of spoilers for this one. )
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In the spirit of striking while the iron's hot (the reason I'll be snowboarding tomorrow even though I went today), here is part 3 of Sold already.
In which we get our first hints about Danny's childhood )
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Part two of Sold:
Featuring Bryan dancing barefooted )
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This has been a while coming. Next five episodes to follow fairly soon (once I've finished watching Mock the Week; Too Hot for TV 2)
I present Bryan Dick as the nicest estate agent in the world, in Sold )
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After getting the shock of my life about ten minutes ago, I feel in desperate need of some pretty so cheer me up (although I'm not sure there's enough pretty in the world to make up for this). I had the caps more or less ready, so here goes. If you haven't seen All The Small Things (or Heart and Soul as it's apparently called in Australia), you might want to be a bit careful because this will almost certainly contain spoilers for future episodes.
Everyone, may I introduce Mr Jake Barton )
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This is in celebration of me being brave enough to do something I've wanted to do for three months. I'm going to be very vague about what it actually is though, because realistically, probably nothing's going to come of it. But this is me, being impulsive and brave and inspired.

So, Shockers: Parents' Night.

If any Bryan Dick fans haven't seen this, it's from approx 2001 when he's 23 and looks all of about fourteen. See below example. His hair is darker than I'm used to, his eyes are bigger and clearer and he seems much paler than he does now. All in all, I wish I'd known twenty-three-year-olds who looked that beautiful when I was twenty-three.

Shockers: Parents' Night. If you haven't seen this, Bryan plays a most unpleasant little bully, very convincingly, and everything comes to a pretty nasty end, with guns, murder and suicide. You have been warned. )
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Nearly a week after part two, here's the third and final Twenty Thousand picspam, picking up where the last one left off. The end of Bob's story and all his appearances in Jenny's and Ella's stories. Not that there's very much of him in Jenny's, and a lot of Ella's is exactly the same as Bob's, so there was no point in capping it all twice.
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, part three )
So, what shall I do next? It won't be for three or four weeks, I'm off next weekend for a fortnight, and I'm not really planning on having time for picspams this week or the week after I get back, but something will be along at some point.
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Epic Twenty Thousand picspam part two

Oh, Bob! )
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My final count came in at 2778 caps. Fortunately, I've whittled that down to a mere 149, in three parts. Yeah, I got a bit carried away, but I think we all realised that quite a while ago.
And as it's getting on for midnight, I can't tell the difference between scr and src which means I've spent ten minutes swearing and cursing at my inability to get any pictures to show.Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, part one )
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I'm really tempted to take advantage of being home alone and therefore not having to answer any questions about where, and more awkwardly, why, I'm going, to go to the submarine museum in Portsmouth. If she were here, my mother would bombard me with "You can't drive that far! You've never driven that far! You can't drive that far!"

I really want to go and see Arcadia in London. That definitely won't be tomorrow but it may be next Friday....

Also, have a few behind-the-scenes pictures from Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky. I've done part one, Bob's Story and if I keep going at this rate, I'm going to end up with Twenty Thousand Screencaps Under the Sky. When I've done all three parts (and thank heavens Bob's only in the last ten seconds of part two) I'll decide how many parts it needs breaking into for posting. Mostly either in black and white or so washed out as to be virtually black and white, like a lot of Twenty Thousand )
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And so we come to the end of Blackpool.

Turn him off. Take his batteries out )

Coming soon, Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky
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Just one more episode to go after this. Blythe gets a total of three scenes, two of which are really one long one set in two places and now our intrepid crime-solving duo are beginning to split down the middle.

Oh, very nice. Maybe you could make a living writing greetings cards )
I'm a little tired and in a little pain. It's nice to end a day with a little picspam
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Part four. In which Wee Blythe begins to swap places with Carlisle.

On the one hand, there's keeping an open mind. On the other, there's being a feather for every wind that blows. )
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Part three. In which Blythe is far closer to the truth than Carlisle and The Boy With The Thorn In His Side looks much better in motion than still.

Young Blythe here's like a terrier on the research side )
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A Blackpool picspam is well overdue. I first watched it several years ago, like everyone else, because of David Tennant but of course, I've recently found a reason to rewatch it for another reason. So I rewatched it pretty much all in one go while I was in Bucharest, refreshed my memory, understood plot points all over again and generally cheered myself up.

Meet the boyish-looking creature called DC Blythe )
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I am immensely and crazily grateful to [ profile] kiramowett  for finding this little gem. Although, when I say "gem" what I really mean is that Bunk Bed Boys isn't actually very good. But Bryan is as always utterly adorable, and seems ten years younger than he did in Blackpool even though they were both the same year. The caps aren't brilliant quality, since they're from YouTube but you can get the gist and see the pretty.

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My favourite of all Bryan's work - a thirty second advert for Virgin Atlantic...

Bryan in semi-steampunk regalia and lookin' good! )
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So, I've finally got around to doing my Passer By caps. Chances are you already know that this is the one in which he plays a rapist, but I'm duty-bound to say that nonetheless, he is pretty and if I did actor RPS as well as the Top Gear variety, Joe Armstrong and Bryan Dick might just be my OTP, so I was quite delighted to find them together here.
Out of context, with no sound or movement, it's safe to see. It's just Bryan and Joe on a train, in court and then Bryan in a pub

Beware, this is the nastiest character I've seen him play so far )
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And picspam number two, He Kills Coppers. I dimly remember the press being all over this when it was first on because the subject of policemen being murdered was controversial. Anyway, here we have Peter, an anarchist.

Billy Porter is our friend... )
My Passer By DVD arrived today but unfortunately, I got distracted by the Parent Trap this evening (I adore Lindsay Lohan's hair when she was eleven) and thus haven't got round to watching it yet. If all goes to plan, I should be capping it tomorrow. The DVD is Dutch which was a surprise.


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