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I haven't done a picspam for a very long time and I certainly haven't done as many Ed ones as I could have done. Only two to my recollection and I got rid of one of them to do something unnecessarily complicated to it, which leaves only one open and available.

So here's Ed on Newsnight ten days ago. Big caps taken from iPlayer and therefore I've accidentally caught some bad faces and been too lazy to try again. But I've also got some lovely ones.


You see?

Left to right: Ed Byrne, Jeremy Paxman, Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris) and Rufus Hound. Let's examine Ed's outfit for tonight. Purplish patterned shirt, grey open waistcoat, jeans and Converse. The bottom half is fine. The top half... umm... not the prettiest combination I've ever seen on him.

And his hair's a little out of control as well. Aww. I've missed seeing my Ed on TV. First appearance since The Bubble, to my recollection.

Long shot and a vague sense that he seems a little uneasy.

A hung parliament joke which went down "like a cup of cold sick".

Despite what it looks like, this is actually an impression of the media's withering pronunciation of "a student..."

Alright, so you can't actually see him in this. But I was struck by how long and pretty his legs look when usually I think of him as pretty small.

Destined to be a favourite cap. I think this is the best of this lot.

I adore the flashes of orange on the side of the glasses. I thought I detected that on The Bubble but it's unmistakable here. I want orange-flashed glasses!
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