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Just watched, and very much enjoyed, Grumpy Guide to the 80s. Well, there was the bit where half the Grumpies weren't really old enough. Ed Byrne and Shappi Khorsandi both turned ten in the early 80s and were teenagers by the end and Russell Kane stood out by not actually being born until 1980 and therefore couldn't possibly have either remembered or understood most of what was going on.

It contained this horror:

We'll make up for that horror with a quick couple of pictures of him looking pretty while he talks about 80s hairstyles, showing off bare wrists, pretty hands and wide eyes. My dad decided to wonder out loud towards the end when this was all filmed. The orange flashes on the side of the glasses place this any time from mid-February onwards. And is this his house? Maybe.


Now looking forward to the possibility of him being on the next series of Grumpy Old Men. I seem to remember reading once about him turning it down before on the basis of either not being grumpy enough or not being old enough. Can't remember which and now can't find it. Actually, he didn't seem grumpy enough in this. A lot of it was with wide-eyed taking-it-too-seriously-ness and a lot of it was with barely-suppressed giggles. I don't know which I found cuter.


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