Dec. 16th, 2010

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Time to write it up. First and most importantly, I stayed in a hotel in central London, went back to it after a big exciting "comedy" show and actually slept! Admittedly, I woke up at 3.15 and then again at 7.15 but for most of the night, I slept! (Recovering insomniac here has never been able to sleep in a city centre before and certainly never after seeing Ed Byrne live.)

Secondly, I suspect I'm not really the target audience for this. To be fair, they did try to keep it secular rather than anti-religious but I'm like all of the atheist brigade in that I bristle at being told what to believe - only, unfortunately, what particularly makes me bristle is being advised that I should be an atheist. No, on the whole they weren't smug or elitest about it, and the majority of them didn't actually mention religion but... I'm not a believer but neither do I ally myself with the atheists.

Despite the title, it was less a "godless" show and more a "rational revelry" all about the love of science. It was a geek night out and I felt like the dumbest person in the room for a lot of it. Most of the audience quite obviously had PhDs - massive black glasses, long hair and earnest expressions were the hallmark of the audience which, incidentally, included Andy Hamilton from QI.

I'm not going to get these quite in the right order, but I'll do my best.

17 acts in nearly three and a half hours. Lovely mix of comedians, scientists and musicians )

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No idea.

The obvious one is "home" but I have vague ambitions of departing this place one day, even though it's so good for comedy. Yeah, that seems to be my one and only reason to stay.

I'm very fond of Switzerland and I'm very fond of the city where I used to live but I'm equally fond of a great many other places so that's no use.

I like London a lot but I don't know that it's my favourite place.

Fine. I'll be predictable. My favourite place in the world is in a tube barely any larger than my body, somewhere down the bottom of a hole in the ground. They're surprisingly comfortable, both physically (wet rock is a lovely place to lie) and mentally (lying in a tunnel in the dark is very soothing and very enjoyable).


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