Jan. 15th, 2011

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Something occurred to me while I was brushing my teeth this morning and I have no idea why the thought suddenly popped into my head.

My mate Silver (and if I keep up this level of obsession, he's likely to actually break my heart when he gets back) is the John to my Sherlock. I hang around fandomsecrets occasionally, I've seen "You're the X to my Y" and for the first time, I see one that actually fits me.

Silver is out in Afghanistan, not actually fighting on the front line, but still smackbang in the middle of the war. He falls asleep unexpectedly. He likes tea. He has girlfriends. He enjoys dangerous things.
I am not a people-person at all, I'm asexual, I have autistic tendencies, I'm obsessive. I know everything there is to know about certain subjects and am completely blank on most other things. I have my manipulative moments.

I have just discovered something about myself. When I'm as tired as I am now, my ability to keep things in focus close up goes. I'm having immense trouble reading this but if I glance up at my shelves a few feet away, everything looks fine. (I presume this is tiredness rather than needing new glasses...)


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