Jan. 28th, 2011

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The heating was not on downstairs and therefore it hasn't been agonisingly cold upstairs

My Dearly Beloved Boss decided out of the blue that he'd like to celebrate last year's record sales today. Started with "Where shall we go?", then decided to have a look at our local airport to see if we could fly somewhere for the day. That's celebrating. But unfortunately, he could sidetracked by the local pictures on the website. "You know... [airport town] is very pretty. Why don't we just go there?" So instead of flying to Pisa for the day, we're going to go and eat some fish beside the bit of sea where I grew up. Do we want to go 2pm or 6pm? The day he's chosen happens to be the day I'm going to see Mark Watson. The theatre is about 50 yards from the restaurant but he starts at 7.30 and if we go at 6, I'll only be there for an hour. I don't entirely object. Fish is my least favourite of all the foods I don't eat - I really don't like the smell of fish - but you have to at least pretend to be enthusiastic about these things. Luckily, the 2pm late lunch is the favourite in general so far. I actually quite like this plan.

Leave work 1pm - the entire office closes.
2pm - everyone eats fish. I drink something
5/6pm - everyone leaves. It's not worth me driving 50 mins each direction to be right back where I started only two hours later, so maybe I go to the Wetherspoons just up the road and have a cheese panini (God bless Wetherspoons - a rare place where I can get food I like)
7.30 - Mark Watson appears on stage.

Sounds like an excellent day.

My favourite bit - Dearly Beloved Boss's Feisty Mother emailed him back and said "... so are you going to tell your daughter you're missing her first birthday?"
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Definitely time for the dentist.

I had agonising tooth pain on Sunday night and it started up again at the crack of dawn this morning and then again this evening. I could leave it and hope it sorts itself out (it did eventually with the one that's now missing altogether on the right side - I had quite bad pains over the summer when I was 17 or 18 but it's been fine for years now) but I'm a grown-up and grown-ups have to go to the dentist and beg for broken teeth to be fixed. On condition that he leaves the one on the right alone. There's no tooth left, legacy of having cracked it four times. The first piece probably broke ten years ago and the last bit fell out about five years ago, so I have no intention of letting a dentist play with it now. The one on the left, the recent break, is still salvageable, provided I stop being a chicken. Be brave.

Also, I wouldn't mind having my canines filed down. I'm sick of them rubbing and giving me ulcers.

In the meantime, the vodka I won in a quiz in my second year of university is finally coming in handy. Tastes like liquid fire and suddenly I remember why, having owned it for about six years, I've never so much as opened it. Not bad for temporary pain relief though. (Not drinking it! Just dabbing it on the injured tooth). Tried salt water rinse but... tastes like seawater, unsurprisingly, and makes me paranoid that I've swallowed some even though I know I haven't and that makes me scared that I'm going to be sick.

(By the way, Hustle, there was no need to spell out the thing with the clocks. We'd got it.)


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