Feb. 17th, 2011

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Today has been a good day...

Heating was on when I woke up, so I curled up against the radiator for a while. Seems I'm a lot more functional and in a much better mood when I've woken up gradually feeling warm instead of being too cold to get out of bed.

The day went fine.

Then this evening, I went snowboarding. I've gone back a long way from where I was last summer but it's a massive step up from when I last went, when the slope was covered in ice and I couldn't even stand up. It reminded me why I wanted to be able to do this, even though I was very reluctant to go tonight. But it was reasonably warm and dry and clear and I couldn't come up with any excuses not to go. And I'm glad I did.

On the way home, I decided that I couldn't resist going for a drive, not with that greatbig piece of silver in the sky. I managed to turn a 34-mile round trip into 60 miles by taking a trip down to the sea. I didn't go on the cliffs - not a great idea in the dark. I'm not stupid, I have no intention of falling over a cliff - but I parked and looked out over the hills. It was incredible. I wish I could paint - hills rising up, golden-grey under a dark blue sky and then a nearly-full moon over it all. My phone camera managed to get the moon and nothing else.

And when I finally resisted the lure of the moon and came home, I had some toast and some Maltesers and am bouncing around the house singing (the sort of singing that earns one the nickname "Furby") and in a bit, I'll have a bath and read another chunk of Best Served Cold.


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