Apr. 3rd, 2011

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Wish my body'd make up its mind. The coldy symptoms have been on hold most of the weekend to make way for the Usual Pains, which pretty much kept me out of it (ie whimpering and crying, doubled up in pain, in my bed) until gone midday today. By late afternoon I was starting to feel positively perky. But this evening I've been really tired. Lay on my bed and watched Wrath of Khan but much as I enjoyed Next Generation, Voyager and what little I saw of Enterprise, I really couldn't get into it and by the time Terrell shot himself, I was feeling so drowsy I put the laptop away, turned off the light and slept for an hour. Well, tried to sleep. The moment I was settled in bed I started coughing. I wouldn't mind so much if I knew one way or the other but it's frustrating to feel ill one day, ok the next, ill the next etc etc. Because despite feeling ok cold-wise most of today, I've had a croaky voice which I suspect is a way of telling me it's not over yet and that I may yet wake up with no voice whatsoever. I just wish I knew for certain which way this is heading. I do remember that last time I had two days, the Sunday and Monday, when I felt much better before it really hit badly on the Tuesday and Wednesday.
If I'm going to be ill, I want it to get a move on. I want to spend a few days feeling like death warmed up and then start to feel better, not least because I have Big Plans for Friday and Saturday. If I'm not going to be ill, then I want the croaky voice and occasional bouts of lung-scouring coughing to go away and stop scaring me.
*feels a little bit rubbish*


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