Apr. 20th, 2011

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I must have slept so well last night. Generally I wake up feeling groggy and as if I could stay in bed for the next few days but I woke up feeling fantastic today. Diminished a little once I was locked up in a hot stuffy silent office, of course. I've been saying it all winter but it's true - I do prefer winter to being too hot and if I'm hating being too hot in April, I'm going to be dead by midsummer. I also made the mistake of wearing mascara today - don't know why but I thought it would go well with my hair, which I dyed "Maple Burgundy Red" last night (really dark red-tinted brown, quite the shock after being relatively blonde for the last six months) - and that meant that when my eyes got hot and tired, as they do in the summer, I couldn't rub them. I will not be wearing mascara again in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, work is over. I'm home, it's hot and sunny and I'm sheltering inside with the window open, musing on how well I slept last night - spring heat, open windows and blankets apparently make the perfect combination.

I had an odd dream the other night, Sunday night, I think. A fully-fledged space opera, complete with world-weary freighter space captain and a spaceship that was a high school and there was even an outdoors activity centre with a swimming pool on a planet. Part of me was amazed at the detail of this world inside my head. Part of me was a little horrified because... Two ships, one a big ugly cross-Channel ferry-like passenger spaceship, one presumably housing this high school. Umm... these two ships, remote-controlled from the planet surface below, by the world-weary captain and one of the schoolgirls... the two ships had sex. Not the two people, the two spaceships, by remote control. I don't even know what my brain thought it was doing. I can't even justify this as them being living ships, like Farscape's Moya. They weren't. They were soulless, ugly metal spaceships.


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