Apr. 26th, 2011

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Dear God, but things that make me grumpy today....

I had my eyes tested on Saturday. Still there. My current glasses are fine, no change needed but I decided I'd order myself some new prescription sunglasses. Mine are three years old and they weren't ordered on the current prescription even back then. And they do distort things ever so slightly at the bottom.

The internet does not make ordering such things very easy. I've just had a proper fight with the only website that seems to do such things to my specification - yelled and sworn at it, it's timed out on me, it's hidden things, it's insisted on showing me only the designer sunglasses, it's let me order something one minute and then the next minute told me this is no longer available, it's just irritated the hell out of me. But I now have ordered sunglasses with green polarised lenses (because I function much better in colour), with UV400 coating, anti-scratch, anti-reflection etc etc. I also had a choice of many colour tints but I don't think, for example, green polarised lenses are compatible with optional pink tint. And I suspect the "green" lenses will actually be more of a sludgy grey but never mind. I'm going to be able to see properly and know that my eyes are protected and it'll all be good. My eyes don't really work very well but I'm very fond of them and would like them to be happy.


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