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Right now, what upsets me is this:

Old Rope Monday - @andrewismaxwell Milton Jones @RobinInce @NickDoody etc

From Twitter.

Nick Doody and Milton Jones are in my Top Four comedians and Andrew Maxwell is easily in my Top Ten and I want to go so much and I can't! It starts at 7.30 and I know from experience that it's not possible to get to central London by 7.30 if I leave work at 5.00pm and I have no more holiday time. Some bastard has gone "Who are Phantym's favourite comedians? Let's sprinkle them all over a show she can't go to!! Mwahahaha!!"

So that's what upsets me today. Bastards!

Oh well. Sometimes Lady Luck shines down with her golden light of fortune - sometimes Fate needs a helping hand. As it happens, Nick Doody will be at Godless Christmas on Wednesday. I must just shrug and say I saw Andrew Maxwell four times at Altitude and once more at his own tour a week later so don't go getting upset that you'll miss him on Monday and that I'll see Milton Jones one day when the time is right. Serene... (Nothing against Robin Ince, I'll see him on Wednesday but he isn't in my Top Ten.)

Shall I do my Top Ten? I muse on my Top Four occasionally because I genuinely don't know what order to put them all in but I don't tend to think beyond that.

1) Ed Byrne
2, 3 & 4) (But I don't know what order) Chris Addison, Milton Jones & Nick Doody
5, 6, 7,) (again, don't know what order) Andrew Maxwell, Andy Parsons, Micky Flanagan, 
Honourable mentions, since I can't pick a final three: Dara O Briain, Brendon Burns, Ben Norris, Stewart Francis, Dave Gorman, Adam Hills, Stuart Goldsmith, Al Murray 

Fail at picking a favourite ten.

I now have two snowchains for my boots so I can go out in the snow. Galvanised chain is so delicate! I accidentally tore three links apart building the new set this evening. Three times it just snapped under the force of a small pair of pliers. They've had a minor modification - one link taken out of the back and two out of the hexagon under the ball of my foot and they fit a little better now but they're still liable to slip off. That's the trouble, they're built as one piece. No connectors, no fasteners. They slip on and therefore, unfortunately, they also slip off. I did buy hooks but they're far too big for the chain. The design still needs some modification. This may require some time studying snowchains for cars, since they're all chain. Snowchains for boots - and they do exist, I'm not the first person to think of them - are generally held on with a big silicone/rubber band thing around the foot. I don't have anything like that and no means to make it so I have to use the all-chain approach like on a car.

Went out for Grandad's meal. I wore my velvet miniskirt and with Sister's approval (she Knows About Clothes), I wore my biker boots. I've always quite liked the skirt+boots combo but this is the first time it's been permitted - she was the one who actually said her big boots looked better than Mum's ankle boots and then that my chunky boots looked better than her slightly-less-chunky ones. Anyway, this teamed with a long ornate velvet coat and my bright red hair (disappointed how quickly the dye is fading - it's already more plain red than postbox red and it's only been washed twice!) striding around B&Q with a length of chain, I looked like some kind of very eccentric Goth, at best.

It was also an opportunity to wear Annie's wedding jewellery again. It's pretty but it tends to live safely in a little bag rather than be worn. Maybe I should wear it to work one day, just because it should be worn. It's just plain bluish-green circles, matching earrings and necklace  They look a bit like this but there's only one pair, they're a lovely blue-tinted dark green and I sure didn't pay that much for them.

I should go to bed. I'm a little tired. Quite tired, actually. Slept really well the last two nights. Further evidence that my cold is a nice ordinary one - after one day, I was pretty much better, my nose is behaving itself reasonably well already and by Monday I should have forgotten I ever had it. Hello wonderful immune system, I've missed you! *hugs immune system*


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