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I had a rubbish morning. I slept badly (convinced in the middle of the nights that there were rats in my room and then dreamed about Ed Byrne and woke up feeling groggy and moody. Bad morning - tired and grumpy became tired and ill-used became resentful became full-on utterly miserable.

Then I came home at lunchtime to find Keith Chegwin's opened his mouth again and unleashed his band of bullies and may have lost my temper sufficiently to have a go back...

Luckily, this afternoon was ok and then the fans were out in full support of Ed when I got home so now I'm just tired and just want a bath. Except that my Rangers have just texted and they're not coming tonight. But I've still got a 25 mile round trip because census is due next Tuesday and I need the Guide leaders to sign the cheque because I'm not a signatory yet. But still, I should have time for a bath tonight. And then an early night for I really do notice the difference almost immediately when I'm tired.

I wrote another 500-ish words of The Sequel - Joey's at it again, surprising me, doing things I never intended him to. When Alex takes matters into his own hands he just tends to get grouchy and scared. Joey is apparently coming down with a cold. I don't think a bit of sniffing and sneezing is going to have too much impact on the story but even so... damn you, Joey.
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