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And you know how I said the kids were making a racket at 11.20pm? At midnight they shut up. Gladly, I went to sleep.


Only to be startled awake, completely disoriented, didn't know which way was which and convinced there was another floor above my room (which there isn't; I'm in the roof) by drunk students thumping up the stairs, yelling, slamming doors, yelling more for good measure, playing obscenely loud music, slamming more doors, thumping walls, still yelling...


Have I painted a vivid enough picture of the noise these creatures are making? My clock said 2.07am. It is now 3.15am and while they're quieter, I can still hear voices.


I am not brave enough to go out bleary eyed barefooted and in pyjamas to ask drunk Scottish (and possibly Northern Irish) to shut the fuck up but i will certainly make sure my alarm is nice and loud and goes off several times in the morning. I may even leave a furious message on reception - which won't be open when I leave. I may even go so far as to leave rude notes on their doors. I have never really used or felt the need to use the taboo c-word but believe me, it suits them and their noise very well. (On which note, I've never comprehended why it's considered so much worse than the other words)


I know this is a hostel rather than a hotel but it does have rules including shutting the fuck up when people are sleeping.


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Date: 2011-10-29 02:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's disgraceful! And, the people who are running the hostel should be intervening to quiet these people down. What's WRONG with them?

If the noise is still going on, you'd be perfectly in your right to go hammer on the door of the hostel owners and demand that they silence the partiers.

(Last time I was in Ireland I went to my share of independent hostels, and fortunately most of the guests were considerate [the indy hostels usually attract an older/more sedate crew]; but all the same it was a great relief to have the occasional respite stay in a B&B.)

Date: 2011-10-29 08:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds rubbish. I had really noisy neighbours last year in the house I rented - sometimes we'd be woken at 4am when they came in from their night out and turned their music up loud. They also used to bang their wardrobe door closed over and over again. I'd definitely complain, if I were you - noise levels in hostels usually have a time limit, like 11pm, don't they?


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