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Alarming conversation of the day:

(between myself and my mother, a teacher who is writing her end of year reports)

Mother: You know if you have a name? Like John?
Me: Yes...
Mother: If you were saying "John's reading", is there an apostrophe?
Me (disbelieving): Yes...
Mother: Where?
Me:... are you serious? Do you actually not know this?
Mother: The computer usually tells me!

Did I mention that this woman is a teacher?
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Sorry. I'm feeling a lot better now. Calmer, more rational, heart a little stonier. I have cried my cry (not helped by going downstairs to demonstrate calmness straight into a room where Mother and Sister were watching Long Lost Family - set me off again!) and I am back in my right mind.
The misery hasn't hit much in 2011 but damn, that hit hard tonight.

We have a long weekend coming up. I am making good on my resolution to hike more, with a seven mile hill and cliff hike planned, depending on weather and period pains. I managed to buy food tonight and I'll see if I can hunt down my Camelbak in the morning and then off I'm going. After all, there's no need to watch The Wedding when the news for the next week will show all the important bits.

Saturday is for a little shopping. A couple of years ago I bought a big soft red tartan shirt with a hood and it's wonderful for either wearing on its own or for throwing on as an extra warm layer. Don't know what I'd have done without it in Vilnius. The shop I bought it from now has a very similar one in blue on its website. I will need to prod it to make sure it's just as soft but if it is, I'm buying it. And I've got some Norwegian kroner reserved at the travel agent. In a fit of organisationalness, I ordered it on Tuesday. The last two mad trips I've done, Romania and Lithuania, they don't have currency that is generally kept in stock at travel agents or post offices, you have to order it in plenty of time. But apparently, Norway is a common enough destination that I could have just walked in the day before I left and asked for it and they'd just have taken it out of the NOK drawer.

And I suppose I should find a birthday present for Sister. I've been toying with the idea of a spa day - she really wants to go and is insanely jealous that I've been twice and the one we went to for Annie's hen party does a £65 day all-in, two treatments. That's £130 for the both of us, because obviously I'd go as well. And I could afford that. But... it's £130, which is a lot of money and it may also suggest I'm more fond of her than I actually am. I may go for the old standby of shoes/clothes/makeup/Johnny Depp DVD. I notice The Tourist is out and I'm fairly sure she hasn't got it yet. But I have no idea what the Useless Boyfriend is getting her. Probably not an engagement ring. (She's stopped saying "No, I'm not marrying [Useless Boyfriend]" and started saying "Well, he isn't proposing. No, I'm not asking him." My point being that now, in the unlikely event of him asking, she would say yes, whereas before she wasn't keen on the idea.)

Sunday is a day off and so is Monday. I have made no plans but I'm hoping to get out of tidying my room. Yes, it looks like it belongs to a particularly messy thirteen-year-old. You try fitting twenty-five years of life in one minuscule room and see how tidy it is. Twenty-five years of life of a hoarder who gets ridiculously attached to things, at that.

Goodnight. I'm clearly in need of a good long sleep.
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My grandad has just phoned, on this glorious sunny bank holiday Friday when I should be at work but it's a bank holiday, so I'm not, so I should be in the garden but it's just too hot so I'm inside, but my point is.... my grandad has just phoned to say he's caught an enormous wasp in a plastic box and do I know anybody who might be interested in it?

I have related his tale first to my dad, then to my mum and all three of us have had the same response - the enormous wasp in question is not quite as big as the one from Doctor Who but it's about an inch and a quarter long - it is likely to be a hornet. We have all agreed that leaving it in the plastic box until it dies is probably the best thing to do with it. Possibly not the kindest thing but it's a hornet, it deserves it. Particularly in the battle of hornet vs 85-year-old widower.
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Something fairly significant happened today. Well, no, not really. I finished the last Harry Potter book and in doing so, in one month, I have now read 1/4 of the books I read in the entirety of last year. 28 last year vs 7 in January this year. I hope to keep up something resembling this level of reading but admit that I started Deathly Hallows about a week and a half ago and abandoned it for a full week. I read it the weekend it came out. I was at Guide camp at the time and therefore I took in very little of the camp but I also took in very little of the book. And that was three and a half years ago, so re-reading it this last week or two has felt very much like reading for the first time. I have been amazed and surprised and trying to guess what'll come next and been flung around all over the place. And as you may have figured from my "7 books in January", the other 6 were the other Harry Potter books. It's been great fun reading them all in one go and I may have some things to say about them later on when I can be bothered to formulate some thoughts and sentences.

But I did my reading in the bath (best place for it, it seems. Three baths to get through Deathly Hallows. Long baths...) and came out really itchy. I literally scratched my skin raw. My arms and stomach were worst - all red and sore-looking. A good rinse off and then a proper wash seemed to help and lotion definitely did. I don't generally bother with lotion - it feels all heavy and oily and yucky but I thought it might be a good idea today and now everything feels unnaturally but delightfully soft and most importantly, non-itchy. Matey bubble bath (what? You don't have to be six to use it! My dad is nearly sixty and he loves it!) has never caused me a problem before and I rinsed the bath before I got in so I can't imagine there were any lingering cleaning chemicals in there. I came out wearing a towel and my glasses, to run straight into Dad coming up the stairs. He took one look at me and had hysterics. I mean the sort of hysterics where you not only can't talk but you can also hardly breathe and then although she had no idea what was so funny, Mum started laughing at him laughing and I just stood there, When he eventually sort of recovered the power of speech he managed to communicate that what was so hilarious was that my glasses were so steamed up when I came out of the bathroom that they were completely opaque, which was what I suspected.

Also been daydreaming about Alex's days in basic training, which is great fun, although I have no intention of actually writing any of it down properly.
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Dear internet

Tonight I have laughed myself stupid at my dad attempting to get half a pair of tights over his head so as to be able to hide in a bed.

I am now going to wrestle with some wrapping paper and go to bed.
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I have been in a foul mood most of today. Started with being the only one in the family to go to work. Then we had to push the car off the drive so Dad could go to the doctor (apparently has a kidney stone, we're waiting for the hospital to call) but it's a big car and the drive is slippery and that's how old people die on the news, de-icing cars with the engine running and in gear - I hate pushing cars around on ice.

Then the snow/ice was hard to walk on and my footchains fell off within twenty yards and I was running late and then really really angry. Then Boss's Feisty Mother came in, also in a bad mood and that just made me worse.

And then skipping breakfast because I didn't have time for it this morning and then lunch because I was at work (I don't like eating at work, particularly when there are other people in the kitchen, even if they're nagging me to eat and saying there's hardly anything of me) finally caught up with me this afternoon. My hypos tend to happen because I've eaten something, not because I haven't but I was vaguely aware of feeling a bit light-headed and confused and when the Chief Accountant asked me to copy an email to [Name], I asked "Is that our [Name] or their [Name]?" and she said "I don't think they've got a [Name]..." (They meaning one of our suppliers). I decided not to bother saying "Yes they do, and so have [Other Supplier], they're everywhere!" and I'm glad I didn't say it because ten minutes later, it dawned on me that she was absolutely right and what on Earth was I thinking? And that was the second "what was I thinking?" moment in ten minutes. I just couldn't think straight at all. Definitely time to go and have some sugar before I tried to carry on with any more work.

And then, the Chief Accountant's husband came to pick her up when the office closed early and she was taking other people back too and although in all truth, I would probably have refused, it would have been nice to be offered a lift, since there are a tiny handful of us who live very near each other and I'm one of them!

And I'm tired because kidney stones mean Dad's up every ten minutes during the night and he woke the resident insomniac and I was then awake for two hours in the middle of the night and I these days, tiredness kicks me the very next day, instead of the day after like it used to.

But now I'm home early and I'm going to have something to eat and I'm already feeling a lot more cheerful.
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Right now, what upsets me is this:

Old Rope Monday - @andrewismaxwell Milton Jones @RobinInce @NickDoody etc

From Twitter.

Nick Doody and Milton Jones are in my Top Four comedians and Andrew Maxwell is easily in my Top Ten and I want to go so much and I can't! It starts at 7.30 and I know from experience that it's not possible to get to central London by 7.30 if I leave work at 5.00pm and I have no more holiday time. Some bastard has gone "Who are Phantym's favourite comedians? Let's sprinkle them all over a show she can't go to!! Mwahahaha!!"

So that's what upsets me today. Bastards!

Oh well. Sometimes Lady Luck shines down with her golden light of fortune - sometimes Fate needs a helping hand. As it happens, Nick Doody will be at Godless Christmas on Wednesday. I must just shrug and say I saw Andrew Maxwell four times at Altitude and once more at his own tour a week later so don't go getting upset that you'll miss him on Monday and that I'll see Milton Jones one day when the time is right. Serene... (Nothing against Robin Ince, I'll see him on Wednesday but he isn't in my Top Ten.)

Shall I do my Top Ten? I muse on my Top Four occasionally because I genuinely don't know what order to put them all in but I don't tend to think beyond that.

My Top Ten Comedians. Or Top Seven plus eight Honourable Mentions )
Snowchains for feet. I have made a second one so I don't have to hop )
Going out dressed oddly and jewellery )
I should go to bed. I'm a little tired. Quite tired, actually. Slept really well the last two nights. Further evidence that my cold is a nice ordinary one - after one day, I was pretty much better, my nose is behaving itself reasonably well already and by Monday I should have forgotten I ever had it. Hello wonderful immune system, I've missed you! *hugs immune system*
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I have one sister. She's nearly three years younger than me and about six inches taller. Until fifteen months ago she was literally twice the size of me and I'm quite resentful that after much dieting, she's now skinner than me. Not skinny enough to look good in jeggings though. Ick. (she likes skin-tight stuff. It's a little less horrifying than it used to be) She's obsessed with shoes, likes chick flicks and Johnny Depp and spends longer than is reasonable in the shower and straightening her hair. In short, she's pretty much the polar opposite of me. We Don't Get On. It's better now than it used to be, now it's a sort of uneasy truce rather than all-out war. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. I won't try to make you believe it's all her fault. Although she can still get away with murder by the method of being 1) younger than me and therefore wields a special power and 2) bigger than me and therefore you know, more powerful. It's win-win.
She takes after Mum's side of the family. Mum, her mum, her mum's sister and her cousin are all pretty much identical and Sister is the next in the pattern. (I didn't inherit that particular set of genes. I'm vaguely like Dad but that side of the family doesn't have the identical thing going on). She has a boyfriend, long-term (he's pretty useless, hence my codename for him here: Useless Boyfriend) who she's always said "No, I'm probably not going to marry him" but this weekend said "Well, I have been dropping hints." She has a degree in Music and Music Technology and plays saxophone and flute to Grade 8 standard and also plays piccolo, tenor sax and soprano sax. To my relief, she's not good at singing. She does much the same job as me - office junior, typing, filing, tea-making, whatever she's told to do but she does it nearly thirty miles away and therefore has a long drive. Mwahahahaha from older sister who only has to nip up the road.
That's about it really. I'm sure there's plenty more to her but I don't know it any more than she knows all that much about me. We're not caring-sharing.


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