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The internet is frustrating. Over three years ago, I wrote a little story which became an epic (and was never finished). It was about Jeremy Clarkson driving to Greece while James and Richard took a train. I researched it obsessively. I had a full-on timeline of it, an AA route map showing exactly how long it would realistically take Jeremy and a proper timetable of the necessary trains, the route tweaked so the race could conceivably be really really close. I knew every stop on that journey and I knew every haystack they'd pass by, exactly what times and all. Over three years ago. Three years later, when technology and communications have improved incredibly... nope, I can't find anything that'll give me that train journey. No site recognises either Athens or Thessaloniki and the one that might be helpful won't give me a timetable because it's more than three changes. I want preciseness and I don't want to have to actually book an epic train journey in order to get it! If you know how I can plan a trip from Budapest to Athens by train, please, I'd love your help. The internet has failed me. The best I can manage is that you'd probably change or pass through Belgrade, Skopje and Thessaloniki but I need to know how long it would take.

(Also, it's four days until the end and I'm only at 28,715 words. Bastard November being busier than I'd realised. I've currently got Alex crying his eyes out on Joey's shoulder because he's exhausted and overly emotional but it would be nice to know where he is)

Ah, the mere act of posting there made the right site pop up. in case you ever need to plan an unlikely journey. Budapest 13.05 to Belgrade 20.35, Belgrade 21.15 to Thessaloniki 12.42. Internet, I apologise. You're great.
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Aw, damnit. I've given Alex a gorgeous travelling cloak - yeah, I know, it's more high fantasy than 21st century spies but whatever, it's my book and I like cloaks - and in a few pages time, he's going to fall off a cruise ship and finish up rescued by a dredger or suchlike with only the clothes he was wearing when he fell in. Hello cloak!... goodbye cloak.
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Rangers were a no-show again. Second time this term, despite being told two weeks ago that if they can't come please let me know!!!! I was running the shop so I spent a chunk of the hour writing and have somewhere to go with lots of words. Not necessarily somewhere interesting but nevertheless. I have two ex-spies to keep occupied on a train from Zagreb to Athens and then on a cruise ship over to Egypt. Amazing what comes out of going swimming at the weekend. It feels odd setting up my laptop in the dining room to do my homework, away from distractions like TV and bed. On my bed, I tend to get distracted by the internet and also, if I'm feeling tired, like I am now, I find it hard to resist the lure of cuddling down among the blankets and having a sleep.

am tired. I slept really well last night, well enough to have some quite vivid dreams but when I dream I always wake up feeling groggy and as if I haven't slept. Last night's dreams featured pigs, of the live, knitted and lunchbox kinds. Also cow-patterned tractors and a main road becoming a clifftop path passable only by foot and even then only be scrambling and I still fell off. So weird dreams. As a consequence of waking up exhausted, I've struggled at work today, spent the whole time feeling tired and headachey. As long as I don't dream tonight, I'll be fine tomorrow.

...yeah, I'm not doing my homework, am I? I'm procrastinating. Even now, I'm trying to drag this out. *slaps self* Get back to work, lazy urchin.
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Hypothetically, if you were writing a novel and you had two spies on the run from their former employer, how would you go about inserting a visit from the former partner of one of them?
It's a partner of Alex's from about six years ago. He and Alex Do Not Get On and I've known that for about a year but I want to put them both in one room to see if Alex loses his temper or whether he just sits and sulks. And I want to know how Joey would react to him as well. But they're in hiding and I don't know how/where to involve him.
I think I'll go and have a nice bath and muse on it. It's nice being home this evening. First time in ages. I've had a sleep, I've had some Maltesers, I've written up the 500 or so words scribbled down at work earlier in the week and I'm at 21,542 words which is about 10,000 behind but much better than I thought I'd be, considering I thought I'd neglected NaNoWriMo terribly.


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