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Ohhh... how long does it take for a body to catch up on missed sleep?! Still tiiiiired!

Speaking of things that drag on, how long does it take to import LJ stuff onto Dreamwidth? It's been sitting in the queue since Sunday morning and it's now Wednesday evening! That's slow!

I think I have two things to talk about today. Let's start with food phobia.


Food, food phobia and then Silver pushes in a bit. )

But Silver wasn't my second subject. My second was this song:

Well... I was going to embed a video but it's not on YouTube. Have the lyrics instead. The song is bouncy London-accented boyband and it just radiates summer.


Dive In, by the Yeah You's. Who I like despite the inappropriate apostrophe )

It's not quite the end but there's nothing new. This is one of my favourite songs ever and yes, I'm aware that my inner music snob should be ashamed. Luckily, I don't have one.

So, the chorus. Honestly, their accent and pronunciation - I know what it says the words are inside the cover but they sing "don't go thinking you've gotta go under the waves". You don't have to do this. Every time I hear this, and I mean every time, I'm taken back to a cave called Swildon's Hole, in Somerset. It's a lovely cave, it goes on for hours, there's literally something for everyone there. It's a brilliant cave.
The classic trip is down to Sump 1, through and then back up, at least for beginners. The sump is a section of flooded passage. It's less than a metre long. You can put your foot through and it comes up into fresh air on the other side. Every fresher that ever went through my club lay in the water, took a deep breath and pulled themself through this thing. Except me. It petrifies me. It's icy cold, it's brown and murky and full of grit, it's flat on your back with your head turned to the side. I know the reality is that I'd be underwater for all of five seconds but I can't do it. Call it a phobia if you must.


Caves, caving and my bond with my mate Magpie who was such a guardian angel/hero to me )

The second thing that song makes me think of is the second verse:

One day, it barely took a second
You grew up, the big world beckoned and you dived right in

I graduated, I got a job and suddenly - there's a world out there. I've got money now, I've got access to it. I took up snowboarding, I wrote a book, I flew off to Finland, Romania, the French Alps, Lithuania, Norway etc. I dived right in. I have bad days from time to time - rarer than it used to be, but generally I love this world and this life of mine. It would be nice if my friends would play in it occasionally but I'd rather play on my own than sit with my nose against the window looking out at it passing me by. I don't think that's a bad attitude to have to a fairly lonely life.

So umm.... that's what that song means to me. As if anyone actually cared.

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Hair straightened. I'm a little disappointed at its length. In my head, when it's straight it's insanely long. The reality is that when it's pulled straight it only reaches to an inch or so above my waist. The blonde is coming back. It's never going to regain the white-blonde it used to be when I was tiny but I think it may reach the golden light brown it was five or so years ago. If I don't go and dye it red again. Maybe it's time for a change. Maybe it's time to give up dying it various shades of mid-brown, chestnut and pillarbox and either let it turn back to blonde or give it a helping hand back.

I have done a mischief to my right knee. No idea how. It doesn't hurt unless I put my weight on it. Even poking it with my fingers doesn't work. I did exactly the same thing last year to my left knee. It concerned me a bit at the time because it was quite shortly before I was heading off to snowboarding at Altitude but it sorted itself out. To this day I know neither what I did to injure it in the first place or what happened to make it better the very week I happened to need it functional. So I assume the same thing has happened to the right knee now and that it also will stop hurting sooner or later. In the meantime, if I need to kneel or crawl, I use my left leg.

Intending to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. I've got into the terrible habit of staying up until 12.30/1am and then of course, being an early bird by nature, I'm exhausted in the morning. Bed as soon as parents turn off the TV which is on the other side of the wall but still only six feet away from my ears. And they're thin walls. There's a line in Friends "if you can recognise it through a wall, you know it too well!" I can recognise a lot of things through the wall. I generally know exactly what they're watching and I don't have to have seen it too may times to do it.

I have vague plans of running. At the moment, I don't run. I've never been a runner. For a while I was moderately less-than-appalling at high/long jump but it was a short while and it was definitely only less-than-appalling. But I quite fancy attempting to run. I live behind a big field, I have a pair of trainers suitable for running somewhere in the house and I'll start small and gentle. One minute jogging, one minute walking. That's a variation on Scout's Pace. Then I can either gradually take it up a step or abandon the ludicrous idea. I have quite muscular legs, a legacy of going to a school that was effectively split between two sites and required a five minute walk from one site to the other between lessons, usually with a long-legged friend who walked too fast for comfort. That and Duke of Edinburgh and being a Guide. Running would help stretch the tendons in my ankles too, which would help when I go snowboarding because having my feet immobilised in boots and then walking up a hill half a dozen times in quick succession gives me cramps, generally in my right leg only. This sometimes results in trying to get the boot off in a panicked hurry to stretch and rub the offending leg. (I occasionally have a tendency to panic when something gets stuck on my feet or in my hair. This is ludicrous, I know. I'm more likely to freak out if my laces are in a knot than at any other time. Ridiculous).

So yes, running. Goodnight.
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An easy one

Vomit Just gets the edge over tuna because it's more disruptive to my life
TunaI hate it.
Strong windsMy head knows the wind in southern UK won't blow my house down but my heart refuses to believe it.
Heights I'm fine as long as I know I can't fall though, so I have no problem hanging from a rope on a clifftop.
Saying "bless you" out loud when people sneeze I don't even know why.

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