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Phantym is a fickle, obsessive fangirl who loves cars. She was born twenty-odd years ago and intends to live another eighty-odd years. In her life, she has done many interesting things, and even more uninteresting ones. As of August 2009 to present, she's obsessive over Ed Byrne but this could change overnight. Hoping it won't be for a while, but inevitably, one day it will.
Mostly tired but that may be because of the time of day I tend to post, ie when I'm tired.

Do something that scares you.
Be brave and strong
Do dangerous things
Be great at things

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Russ Malkin is love

Supercars are love

Jake Barton is love

Ed Byrne is love

Lodovico, with an apprentice, one looks for qualities such as diligence, application, talent, and generally tries to avoid the kind of person who dresses up in bars.

Correct me if i'm wrong but those are the words of an evil man, aren't they?

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