May. 22nd, 2011

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Just briefly, as this post was originally going to be about my car...

I cleared it out today so Sister and her Useless Boyfriend could both get in. Took forever. Three quarters of the clothes I own were in there. Four coats. Four pairs of shoes. Two pairs of gloves and a pair of welly liners. Ancient biscuits and massive sheets of sugar paper from our St Andrews evening at Brownies. Half-eaten chocolate bars. So much paper! My good suit jacket. A malfunctioning thermometer. Chunks of misshapen clay. The man at the garage yesterday got me to put as much as I could in the boot because if the MOT tester couldn't get at the rear seatbelt buckles, he had the right to refuse to do the MOT. I'm not surprised I broke the suspension, amount of junk I had in my poor car.

Anyway, the reason I had to put them in my car was that we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I liked it. I "and another thing"'d all the way home.
Things I thought about it )
That'll do for rambling, not-going-anywhere thoughts on this film. Yes, it's just a summer blockbuster but yes, it was riotously good fun and I enjoyed pretty much every minute.


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