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I've just been reminded that I quite like Ben Miller. When I say reminded, I mean that I've been looking forward to this particular episode of QI for about six months. I also took a bit of a shine to Rob Brydon over Christmas.

(Ben Miller and James May in the same room talking science would be awesome... weren't they once on the same episode of Al Murray?)

Anyway, onto the main attraction - man-kissing that's a bit Rob/Rob, a bit Ben/Ben and a bit Rob/Ben.
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(There are two main things to know about Ben Miller - that he started a quantum physics PhD at Cambridge with an insanely long title and that he is said to look a lot like Rob Brydon. It is also said that he carries a picture of Rob Brydon around with him so when people get them confused, he can take it out and show them that they're two different people)


Dec. 22nd, 2007 10:20 pm
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This is another Ben Miller picspam, but this is from the ITV Cinderella pantomime. Yes, pantomime, which is why they're wearing eye-burningingly bright clothes. Enjoy!

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This is from Doc Martin. I've watched a few episodes with my parents but I'm not a fan and I don't love it. However, I discovered Ben Miller had guested and was astonished to realise he was in one of the episodes I'd seen. I remembered it - I remembered sitting with my mum trying to figure out what on earth was going on and her saying "I've seen this before, he's the squirrel. Oh no, I remember, it gets even weirder" and discovered that this crazy person was my beloved Ben Miller.

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Starring... guess who?! None other than Ben Miller - yet again. I've become a little addicted to picspams recently.

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Another picspam from last night's episode of Armstrong and Miller. This one sort of tickled a few of my kinks a little bit.

I wasn't going to post characters that appeared in the last picspam but for some reason, I just thought this was too pretty not to.

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Ben Miller, I think, is terribly unappreciated. Last year, I watched Primeval very half-heartedly, then bought the DVDs and watched it again with much love, mostly for Douglas Henshall and Andrew-Lee Potts, completely oblivious of this adorable man.

One little uncut preview:



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