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Today has been a good day...

Heating was on when I woke up, so I curled up against the radiator for a while. Seems I'm a lot more functional and in a much better mood when I've woken up gradually feeling warm instead of being too cold to get out of bed.

The day went fine.

Then this evening, I went snowboarding. I've gone back a long way from where I was last summer but it's a massive step up from when I last went, when the slope was covered in ice and I couldn't even stand up. It reminded me why I wanted to be able to do this, even though I was very reluctant to go tonight. But it was reasonably warm and dry and clear and I couldn't come up with any excuses not to go. And I'm glad I did.

On the way home, I decided that I couldn't resist going for a drive, not with that greatbig piece of silver in the sky. I managed to turn a 34-mile round trip into 60 miles by taking a trip down to the sea. I didn't go on the cliffs - not a great idea in the dark. I'm not stupid, I have no intention of falling over a cliff - but I parked and looked out over the hills. It was incredible. I wish I could paint - hills rising up, golden-grey under a dark blue sky and then a nearly-full moon over it all. My phone camera managed to get the moon and nothing else.

And when I finally resisted the lure of the moon and came home, I had some toast and some Maltesers and am bouncing around the house singing (the sort of singing that earns one the nickname "Furby") and in a bit, I'll have a bath and read another chunk of Best Served Cold.
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As I was falling asleep last night, I was going through a list of all the names I answer to in real life. Most of them are variations on my real name or on my nickname which is in itself a variation on my name. (I have quite a short name. Five letters. It's extraordinary how many variations I can get from it) Then I realised something. I also respond to "Lucy" and variations. As you don't know my real name it's hard to explain just how unlike "Lucy" it really is but let's say it's as odd as someone called "David" answering to something like "Trevor".
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As promised on whatever day it was (was it really only yesterday? Or was it as long ago as Thursday?), here is a non-whining post. Consider it a celebration of my personal New Year. These are pictures of trips I've done this year. Altitude, my family summer holiday, Guide camp, the Lake District and the Ealing Comedy Festival. I'm not really one for doing real-life picspams so here goes.


Snip snip. Lots of big pictures. Mostly very pretty scenery from around Europe. Places I've been this year )


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Why I hate job hunting )

In order that this isn't all doom and gloom, I've added a quick picspam of Alan Davies in Hotel Babylon.

Otto Clarke in S3E2 of Hotel Babylon )


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