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Happy Easter, everyone! (My granny's traditional greeting when she arrives for Christmas dinner)

I had a lovely Christmas Day. I have a ghost speaker for my iPod, a guidebook to New Zealand - time to start planning my trip - DVDs of Dara O Briain (particularly enjoyed the extras!) and Andrew Maxwell (who's a bit of a poppet) and my grandad gave us a remote-control helicopter and randomly numbered envelopes. Number 1 gets to put the thing together and get it working and give it a test flight, then Number 2 gets to play, then Number 3 etc. Took 18 hours to figure out how to charge it - a lot of Christmas evening was spent believing it was faulty.

Boxing Day morning consisted of a lot of helicopter flying. It has attacked the tree, it has shredded some poinsetta, it has scratched the TV and it has given my grandmother a fit of something between hysterical laughter and terror as I buzzed it around her head. Obviously we don't have a great deal of control over the thing. I accidentally but beautifully crash-landed it nose-first in a glass vase this morning. I recommend toy helicopters, they're great fun.

Then a sleepy afternoon not feeling so good )
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Dear internet

Tonight I have laughed myself stupid at my dad attempting to get half a pair of tights over his head so as to be able to hide in a bed.

I am now going to wrestle with some wrapping paper and go to bed.
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Right. I was... fifteen, I think. It was February or March. I'd acquired a boyfriend by accident (a Valentine's card sent four years earlier had triggered some overexcited texting, finishing with "Will you be my girlfriend (and don't tell [Jess]!)") and sweet as he was, he wasn't boyfriend material at the time, I wasn't girlfriend material and it was a mess waiting to happen. I was stuck with that from February 7th to the night before we went on our GCSE study leave in about May/June before I summoned the courage to dump him. By text. Even at the time, I knew that wasn't really the done thing but I felt since it had started with a text, it wasn't so unreasonable to end it with a text. Anyway, I'd gone to his house one Saturday afternoon and he'd played some Playstation game while I sat and watched. I am as incapable of playing video games as I am of walking on the surface of the sun. Many people assert their authority over me by humiliating me at video games. We were sitting on the floor, against his bed when he turned to me and I knew what was going to happen. I turned my head away and he kissed my ear. Then he giggled softly and said "Let's try that again," turned my head and kissed me. I wasn't keen. I seem to remember that afternoon, tying him up with a dressing gown cord in an attempt to get him to leave me alone but hadn't realised at that age that tying your boyfriend up doesn't generally signify that you don't want him.

In fact, while I'm talking about kissing, I'm not a huge fan. I've been kissed by *counts on fingers* six people? This first boyfriend of mine, Silver, some guy from the opposite court when I was at uni, Moon from the club and Tank. Five people. At the Freshers Ball in my first week of uni, our house pretty much paired off with the people from No 21. He didn't have anyone and neither did I so we ended up with each other by default. That is not grounds to take him back to my room, or indeed to be taken back to his, afterwwards. My main memory of that night is losing my bracelet, finding my bracelet, walking back barefoot across acorns with him making us stop every three steps so he could kiss me again, me thinking "This fucking hurts, I want to go home, get off me!" (hurts = the acorns rather than the kissing) and then "How do I get rid of him?!" once we got back to the court. Moon from the club - another accidental relationship. Didn't go well. I never intended to end up with him. And I think I talked about Tank here, back in September.

What I know is that I've been kissed by Silver enough times and seen him kiss other people on the same night - Summer Ball, New Year's Eve etc etc - that I've lost any sense of kissing being special. I quite like it when he's been drinking too much beer because it makes him taste really sweet but no, on the whole it doesn't do anything for me.

That's detail. I've failed at "detail" on most of the other questions but I think that's even too much detail.

Today I've helped put the Christmas lights out on the hedge. We've got flashing blue-white ones - we used to have white icicle lights but they got destroyed a couple of years ago so now we have a plain string of white LED ones which we just drape. We also have red berry lights - also not the originals. This afternoon we'll be putting out the multi-coloured flashing ones around the porch. These are new LED ones but I can't remember why. It's not because they were destroyed. They're nowhere near as good as the original ones with real bulbs. I like LEDs in their place but fairy lights are not their place. Luckily, we've still got an original set (they're older than me; my parents bought them when they were first married 28 years ago, or maybe before they got married. I genuinely have no idea whether or not they lived together before they were married). These original ones are now taped up inside the dining room window. I love Christmas lights. I love lights in the dark in general. That's why I don't mind in the least that it's pitch black when I come out of work at 5pm and I'm not backing this "Mess around with our clocks!" thing that's suddenly appeared this year. How many years has everyone been fine with it? Why is it suddenly this year that it's a big deal that we must consider changing the system? I like the system.

I'm wearing a navy blue and dark grey striped thermal top today. It's for men but I like it. I've got a ladies' one, in thin pink/purple/grey/black stripes and I like it but my manly one is longer, the sleeves are longer and it feels sort of slinky. I like the way it looks on me. Men's clothes are so much better than women's. Give me a manly t-shirt over a girly top and work boots over heels any day.
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Can't answer. Literal dreams, I rarely have them. Or if I do, I can't remember them. They do happen from time to time and they tend to happen several nights in a row which is exhausting but then nothing for months. If you're that interested, I believe I occasionally note them down here under my dreams tag.

Dreams as in things you'd like to happen to you in the future. My future plans are somewhat hazy. A house of my own, with as many bedrooms as possible, lots of books and a world map and eccentric furniture and maybe a cageful of degus. That's within the realms of possibility; only limited by availability of funds. A very patient and understanding husband has a certain appeal but so does being completely independent, not having to look after and be looked after by another person; not have to be accountable to each other, you know, all that. I suppose I might say that I wouldn't mind having a person in my life but I don't want to have to share my life with him. That one's not so likely. The chances of me coming across someone like that is tiny. That doesn't really bother me. It's not a "dream" per se. Other than that, I'd just like to go to New Zealand. Another funding one. I like to keep my so-called dreams within the possible.

Anyway, so. Today I have done some shopping. Mostly for myself but I've got some stuff for my mate Silver. For me I've got a couple of warm fleecy jumpers, a stripy thermal top, a book, some rings and a velvet skirt which isn't as mini as it looks on the hanger. No idea what I'll wear it with. For Silvery, I've got a book, some assorted sweets - if he doesn't want to eat them himself, he knows how much it makes people love him to feed them sweets - cotton wool and baby wipes and eyedrops and socks - the internet says soldiers love this kind of thing and I'd rather send something useful that he'll appreciate than something daft that just takes up space. I've also got a spare Dara DVD that I'll put in - I bought it last year and asked for the other one for Christmas. Mum managed to buy the same one again and I've spent nearly a year wondering what to do with the spare one. And the important bit, the letter. Apparently he won't get it by Christmas but never mind. A message is a message.

And finally, actual Christmas presents. I bought a present for Jess's not-quite-one-year-old son. I promised her two-year-old daughter some curved pieces of wooden railway track but our local toyshops don't have any. I know what I'm getting for Annie but no idea about Jess. Her kids are far easier than she is. And my sister. No idea.
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I've just made my annual pilgrimage into the loft to retrieve the Christmas decorations. Feels like Christmas is beginning this weekend. I spent the morning listening to carols and feeling vaguely melancholy that I'm not partaking in the Christmas music-making again (appreciate your school/uni bands/orchestras/choirs! You may well miss them when you've gone!) and enjoying trying to remember the descant parts to them all.

The decorations, as I say, are down. We have acquired a ridiculous number of trees over the years. Tomorrow I want to buy an Advent candle - somehow, the idea of spending a few minutes every day looking into a flame is very appealing. Tesco, by the way, I disagree with your policy of biodegradable carrier bags. Better for the environment but no good for storing baubles in the loft. Every single bag has disintegrated as I pick it up, baubles have escaped and a couple smashed on the ladder on their way down. Next weekend, or maybe the one after, will be time to put everything up. I don't want to sound like a Grinch but I'm going off Christmas. I think I mentioned a while back that it's stressful having the grandparents here? *insert bitch here about problems caused by having grandparents in the house for a week* I think the various problems and grumps I have with Christmas would be solved by them not being here. I love the idea of having my own house, doing my own decorating (preferably with lots of purple, for some reason) and people coming over for part of the day just to spend the first Christmas at my house. That's not going to happen either this year or next year though. *drifts into daydream about having own house*


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