Jan. 5th, 2011

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*repeats* Every day is a battle. You can't win every day.

Not having the best of days. Today I am definitely not winning.

Everyone's got loads of work that they haven't got time to do, so everyone's giving it to me. And it all has to be done now. I'm getting people interrupting what I'm doing to remind me to do it. I don't want to turn all Basil Fawlty on them but... I'm doing it! You've just made me stop doing it to ask me if I'm doing it! And then Old Sage Boss leans across and says "Are'y busy?" and I can't say "Yes, leave me alone for a day or two!", I have to say "Kind of..." as if I've got half the afternoon free.

As well as that, in another moment of madness, my Dearly Beloved Boss has decided to move all the sales team into another room. The two desks that used to against mine are now gone. There's just me in the middle of the room, looking like I should have a barbed wire fence around me instead of the island of desks that was there 24 hours ago. This is a cause of great giggling to some other people. "Aw, [Phantym] looks lonely all on her own in the middle of the room!" Does she? Wonder why that might be. It's nothing personal, I know that. But all the same, suddenly my closest neighbours are Old Sage Boss and Boss's Feisty Mother, one of whom keeps quiet and the other who never stops complaining and peppers every sentence that comes out of her mouth with an excess of the word "bloody".

Tomorrow will be better.


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