Jan. 29th, 2011

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Have I mentioned recently just how deliciously ridiculous Knight & Day is? I am in love with this film. I may have said this when I first watched it over the summer (although possibly not, because that was also the night I spent walking along the seafront with Silver and I had other things on my mind).

I'm a long (closeted) adorer of Tom Cruise. I am vaguely aware that there are issues of crazy and Scientology and stuff but... I like him.

And I like films with spies in them and people jumping off the roofs of cars at high speeds and girls who declare that they used to be Brownies and explosions and weird people casually killing everyone and then crashlanding planes in a field. I particularly love the lorry driver with the loud music who doesn't notice the plane gliding along the road behind him. And spies revering a toy knight. And trains through the Alps. I'm only half an hour in, there's a lot more to go and I'm going to love every minute.
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So, today. I slept ten hours straight through, give or take waking up early to shove the duvet off and curl up against the radiator (I sleep under my blankets but they're not really warm enough for this freezing winter so I have to have the extra layer. However, blankets plus radiators is a lovely combination) and woke up toothache free. Stayed in bed for a while, then I watched Knight and Day, as I mentioned. I loved it and my parents, who came home halfway through, enjoyed what they saw of it.

Then I watched episodes one and three of series one of Primeval, then the current episode that was on TV. I do have a few things to say there. Matt's last line, about Gideon. Matt, dear, don't say it as if you think it's some huge revelation. We knew it from the second he first appeared on screen.

Comparing series one to series four:

In the first episode, Connor's sniffly and says "I'm not really outdoorsy. I've got sinus issues and allergies." That never shows up again. Why bother leaving that line in?

What happened to Connor's girlfriend/penfriend in the Gambia? They were clearly quite close, even if they'd never met, and I'd like to think that he's still in contact with her.

What happened to the fact that the anomalies were hugely magnetic and sucked in all metallic objects in the vicinity? I know that they've gone through several methods of detecting/tracking anomalies with various bits of equipment but in general, they don't seem to be massively magnetic anymore.

This week's creatures were utterly adorable but.. I sort of thought the CGI wasn't as good as it used to be. The creatures just aren't as weighty as they used to be. They looked like they were about to float away.

I've decided I'm not keen on Abby's new long hair. It's not that the length doesn't suit her - I've seen Hannah Spearitt with long hair many times over the years as part of S Club 7 - but I think the problem is that it looks like it hasn't been brushed. Also, the colour doesn't seem to look quite as good on the long hair as it did on the short. She does suit the "girl thing" though - that blue dress? Wow, she looks good doing the action thing in a dress. Back in series one, when she went to pick Stephen up from hospital, she looked a little uncomfortable in the long skirt and much more comfortable back in jeans and boots. Abby makes me want to wear boots.

And aw, I'm glad Connor's mate came back a few weeks ago. Tom died long ago but I used to wonder occasionally what happened to Duncan and isn't it great that they finally dealt with it.

And why can't we have more dinosaurs like the anapsid? Something big and gentle lumbering around causing alarm but not too much damage? I know, I know, that's not dramatic. Or dinosaurs that I recognise. I want a triceratops or a stegosaurus, not generic monsters with Greek names that are pronounced too quickly and only once. The logical part of me knows that the show 1) doesn't use that era and 2) over the millions of years, there would have been far more "creatures" than just the big striking-looking ones that six-year-olds love. But I want my dinosaurs!


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