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Part four. We reach the end of the quest. What is the answer? Not telling! In which there are a lot of caps, for some reason. Some diving and quite a lot of shirtlessness )
So with five of these adventure things done, I've come to the end of what's in existence so far. But it'll all be back, hopefully, with adventures yet to come.
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Part three: By now, I'm losing track of the story a bit. They're sailing around, gathering information about Salty Sam and the Rosalie. Not a lot more to it than that really. In which crossing the equator features )
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Part two:
The story so far: Pamela Stephenson, wife of Billy Connolly, is suddenly and mysteriously obsessed with the fate of her great-great grandfather, "Salty" Sam Stephenson, who disappeared in Indonesia. He was either thrown aboard after a mutiny on his ship, the Rosalie or murdered by pirates, depending on who's telling the story. Pamela "can't bear not knowing", so she gathers the crew of her luxury yacht, the Takapuna, Russ gathers the usual crowd to do research/logistics and they set off to the Spice Islands to track him down.
In which Russ does some research, goes to Mauritius then joins the crew of the Takapuna in Indonesia. )
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Just as you thought it was safe to come out... I tracked down a copy of Murder or Mutiny. It feels like gold dust. Arrived first thing this morning, has been watched all the way through and capped all the way through and I probably don't have the self-restraint not to post all four parts by mid-morning tomorrow.

So, here goes. Part one: mostly planning, as per usual )
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Yes, I said it was over but I forgot there was a tiny handful left in the Race to Dakar extras.
Now I really have finished )
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It's been a long adventure for Charley, Russ and the boys and an even longer adventure for me. I've been doing Race to Dakar for over three weeks now and I've been doing the Russspams for just over twenty weeks, so I have no idea what's going to go on in my mind now. Well, ok, Murder or Mutiny, if I can ever get my hands on a copy.

The end, not just of Race to Dakar, but of the capping madness. Good night all.
Episode Seven (I still think seven is a weird number of episodes for a series) )
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The penultimate episode... I don't know why, but I think he looks extra pretty in a lot of this one.

Part six )
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I'm feeling productive today. Actually, I'm feeling too lazy to do anything but I wanted to experiment with my DVD watching and capping capabilities.

Episode five. The big drama of today is the X5 breaking down. Herein lies a story of abusive man/car love under a desert sunset and I'm not exaggerating or making up a single word of that. )
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I'm really getting irritated with my laptop, which seems to think my asking it to play DVDs is totally unreasonable. The Race to Dakar music played at half speed, with much crackling and hesitation is the stuff of nightmares.
Episode four )
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Race to Dakar, episode three and we're finally going into Africa.


Portugal to Morocco )
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Episode two and my laptop still hates the disc.

Features hugs, shirtlessness and driving )
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So here goes, the second adventure chronologically, but the last one to be picspammed. This is Race to Dakar, which is about, well, a race to Dakar, capital of Senegal. So many people drop out that it's a pretty big achievement just to make it to the finishing line and for a lot of people, that's all their goal is, not to finish first but just to finish. Part one, as usual, is the planning and preparation. 
Race to Dakar, episode one )

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Part six marks the end of the Long Way Down picspam and covers episodes nine, ten and the extras. Malawi to Cape Town )
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Part five, episode eight in which our intrepid heroes meet the president of Rwanda and Russ pretends to beat up the medic.

Rwanda to... Malawi? )
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For some insane reason, I've decided to put episodes four, five and six together. Admittedly, they're all reasonably short, but it still adds up to 67 caps beneath the cut.
From Libya to a muddy river in Kenya )
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Episodes two and three condensed into one picspam
Scotland to Libya )
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Long Way Down, part 1, preparation. The LWD spams are likely to all come along at once because I've already watched the whole thing in two sittings and capped the lot.
Because it's preparation, Russ features a lot in episode one. Also, there are a lot because I went through them asking "which don't I need?" instead of "which do I need?".

Long Way Down, part one )
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The last in the Long Way Round series: the end of Russia, Alaska, Canada, USA, back to London and the extras, including glimpses of bits that weren't in the main series.
to the end )
Next up - eventually - Race to Dakar.
I read it months ago but I put off buying the DVD for two reasons. One, I hoped that there would be a special edition but it's been out a long time and I gave up hoping. Two, after seeing how little Russ is in LWR I didn't think it would be worth it. It is. It's now second only to By Any Means.
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It just so happens that the two episodes my favourite producer/director has the most screentime in are one after the other, which means mega, extra-big picspam, covering Mongolia to the Road of Bones.

52 caps )


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