Jan. 7th, 2011

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In which I briefly RAGE about keys and doors )
Anyway, steam fired off. Provided I'm left alone, I shall revert to my good mood and spend the evening writing bits and pieces and researching Vilnius. I sent Alex there in my Big Book Project and I've decided it's as good a place as any to run off to for a few days in March. The reality probably doesn't include a crossbow attack, a mercenary or a stolen Lamborghini...
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Hello Friday evening. Did I blow up earlier? I'm mellow now. I spent a happy 45 minutes chatting to Silver on Facebook. I haven't seen him since August and despite everything, we didn't part too brilliantly. Not with a fight or anything, never that, but more with a sigh of "It's a shame..." (He has a girlfriend, according to Facebook, the anniversary is two days before I spent the entire night in his bed pushing him away, which I find interesting.) We talked about life in a warzone and I suppose I probably shouldn't repeat it all here but he's doing ok and planning to go out for a second tour.

And aww, I've missed him. Whatever weird semi-romantic thing has been going on (and off) between us for the last eight-and-a-bit years, we're good friends. We passed our driving tests the same day - at the time I thought that had scuppered my plans of taking him out for drives but it didn't. He pretty much taught me how to do a three-point turn. If I'm going to find myself in damp jeans walking along a beach at 2 in the morning, chances are Silver's going to be at my side, and probably holding my hand. Forget boyfriends and romantic entanglements, I'm lucky to have a mate like him. Are we the Doctor and Donna? We're something a bit like that, yeah. (Except we're of the "friends kiss sometimes!" kind of friends.)

And I'm looking forward to having my playmate back.


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