Apr. 2nd, 2011

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I feel ick tonight. The cold's gone quiet - I was coughing a fair bit this morning, thought I was about to get Phase 2 but it doesn't seem to have come to much. My visions of being sent home from work by 10am on Monday have vanished. I've spent the day either dozing in my blankets or in the bath and it seems the rest has done me good. I've watched Round Ireland with a Fridge - dire film, too short, no time to fully show anything, full of little sequences that don't go anywhere, endless fades-to-next-scene-halfway-through-current-scene and Tony Hawks is an appalling actor. I've rewatched Zemanovaload, which has the potential to be a bit nasty-hearted and yet somehow isn't - can't decide how much is down to Ed Byrne being naturally very likeable and how much is down to the soundtrack. I'm feeling better, cold-wise. Seems I've escaped a second round of Flu-Bug From Hell after all. Yay immune system!
I do have The Usual to contend with however, so stomach pains, backache, mild fever and desire for surgical intervention to end this hell, which is why I'm feeling grotty even though I'm not technically "ill". But I'm completely tired out, could close my eyes and sleep for a thousand years. Except no. My body's waking me up at 7.30 every morning without fail, even today when I'd vowed to spend the day asleep, or at the very least not wake up until 10. I... I suppose it's nice to be surprised at what this bizarre shell of mine decides to do every day.


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